Friday, January 22, 2021

Back to Werk

Since I'll be going back to work soon, I figured this theme was appropriate. 
I'm depressed, it's been sooo good working from home for almost a year.
God, Universe, whoever is listening, please bestow upon me another opportunity like this one again :(
Well, as the saying goes, "all good things come to and end."
Welp, keep reading to get today's details:

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Stars Collide

I feel some type of way.

I asked a sponsor for a two day extension and they granted me one day.

So I had to stay home on the weekend and sit at this PC and do a blog because they were being a jerk.

What happened to RL first? I am pretty disgusted.

Anyway, here is the list of items worn. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Loungin' Around

I had a visit from my supervisor today.

She gave me some news that I might be losing my position at work.

Of course, I'm devastated ... and also job searching so I can have something to fall back on.

It sucks though, I hate the thought of losing my job security ... and it's also the longest job I've ever had.

But ... my position is ending ... so ... I have to move on to something that will make me happy and pay my bills.

So, I just hope I'm fortunate to find exactly that.

Well, on with the blog!!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Mmm, Donuts

Woot, I got two blogs done today. And took down my Xmas decorations.

I would say it's been a pretty productive day. 

LeLUTKA released some new mesh heads and so I'm on the hunt for some dark skins so I can make pretty faces to encourage the African American women (or those who portray one) to switch over to LeLUTKA.

Honestly, I think that's why LeLU brought me on, so I could add some diversity to the team.

So that's what I'm going to do!

Anyway, keep reading for the deets below!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Bedtime Stories II

This one is named after my sexy playlist that I made for a lover many years ago that I never got to use because all he and I would do was fight. 

So we never got around to listening to it while together. 

I won't lie, after all this time, it still stings like a sonofabitch.

So, I dedicate this blog to that person, in my past.

Enjoy ... 

Sunday, January 10, 2021

January Embers

This one is named after the movie/book IT ... my heart burns there, too.

Well, my heart burns alone, your flame is dead.

Anyway ... keep reading for details.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Thick Thighs Save Lives

Hey all! I have been working on some eyeshadows that I'm pretty excited about.

Since I'm new to the make-up and all, I'm just going to give it away for free, I think. 

Or maybe free to the people who I keep seeing support me, I'm not sure.

I will work on them when I get back from running my errands.

So keep reading to get the details of today's look!!

Sunday, January 3, 2021


Okay, had time to do another blog ... seeing as I have 4 and 5 days left for some sponsors, AND they require 2-3 posts a month and my dumb ass waited till the end of the month to get to work.
I checked Flickr, I went 8 whole days without blogging.
So I deserve the punishment of working hard to turn everything in before I reach my end of the month deadlines.
So yea ... gonna prepare for my next blog *eyeroll* ... oh and maybe leave 2-3 more groups, too.
I wanna get below a certain number, but I won't say what number cause I don't want y'all knowing how dumb I was to take on so many sponsors all at once!
Alright, keep reading to get the looonnng list of details!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Bye Bye Xmas

Doing a quickie before I get booted from this one group I'm in.

I will redo it later, when I return to full time blogging, but it's the holidays!!

Thank you to the sponsors who removed deadlines during the holidays, by the way. 

Y'all are the real MVPs!

All right, back to enjoying my holiday!

See ya next year!

If you see something you like that isn't in this list, it mean's it's not a sponsored item. 
I give 100% focus to Sponsors and only list sponsored items. 
However, do not be discouraged by this! 
I'll be happy to give you the item info if you contact me via Flickr or SLFB Messenger
You can also contact me in - world @ Princess Usbourne or by leaving a comment on the blog. 
PLEASE DO NOT NOTECARD ME! I have to log into SL to view those!
Alright friends, fingers crossed I don't get the blogger boot and enjoy the remainder of your year!

Monday, December 28, 2020

Red Nosed Reindeer

Welp, as I write this, tomorrow is my birthday, and I will be taking a few days off from blogging.
My twin and I are gonna kick it and go to the science museum here in Houston and gonna go to a great dinner spot. 
I will be 36 and I do not like it one bit.
The last year to be middle 30s. 
After that, it's LATE 30s. Then here come the 40s!
I don't FEEL that old. I don't feel middle aged! 
How do middle aged people act? What are we supposed to do!?
It's depressing. Anyway, my friend is coming by so I'm gonna shut up now.
Keep reading to get the details :(