Monday, September 30, 2013

Girl Fight

 There is a new round of Silicone event going on and we have the baddest designers participating. 

One of the talented creators is

Oh, Deer!

With working 30 hours a week and going to school, homework, mounds of it, and a crazy social life, I am STRUGGLING to keep up, guys, so thanks for your patience :)

Today I am showing off some new releases!
The new "Kefiah" sweater and "Slingback" platforms by 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

.:: Designer Circle ::. 64th Collection

PrincessMode "Wrath" Poses for 
.:: Designer Circle ::.
 .:pink - insidious:. has released a new set of fun poses for 
.:: Designer Circle ::. which features several other designers. 
Event begins Saturday 28th of September, and will run until Saturday 19th of October!

 Stop in and see what neat creations are displayed!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


 Hey chicas!
Today I am showing some new, exclusives for the newest round of Silicone! 
Yes, two lovely creators have joined forces and their talents to bring us the HUD manipulated "Swag" suits!


Friday, September 20, 2013


 Even tho mesh hands are popular, I TP'd to a club and saw 95% of the women there wearing standard avatar hands and prim nails so apparently, nails are still a big seller in the grid!
One of my favorite nail designers, 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


 Good day all :)

I'm fianlly off work for 3 straight days so I'm so going to zone out ... er, I mean, do homework and catch up .... (yeah right) so in the mean time, I am showing a new release by 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Twisted Up

 Hey all. Just doing a quicky as I have much homework to attend to!
Again, designers are busting out last minute summer fashions before boots, scarves and sweaters hit the grid!

I'm showing the lovely "Ruby" mesh, short dress by

Monday, September 16, 2013


 Hello all! 
While it may be cooling down in your part of the world, I still have to use my air conditioning at full blast so hence the tropical, cool and breezy dress I'm wearing for you all today!

This sheer ensemble is "Taylor" by 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


It's been rather silent on the .:pink - insidious:. home front.
But after 6 months, the creative gears are getting lubricated and ready to start turning again.
To start out, we have the new "Wrath" shape available now in the .:pink - insidious:. main-store and can be found in the Marketplace as well.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dream Catcher

 Hello everyone! I have a new release for the newest round of SL Fashion Week!

I'm wearing the long tee that will catch all of those dreams for you! Yes, it's called "Dreamcatcher" by

Thursday, September 12, 2013


 I wanted to branch out and try something different, but I have so much to blog so I figured I'd just put everything together and make it look neat all in one post if possible. 
I have to please the sponsor gods :-)

I'm showing off some recent releases from some supportive creators, so I'll shaddup and get to listing these items now:

To start off with, I am wearing the "This Summer" in tan which comes in all layers, colors and appliers for your large rack by

Monday, September 9, 2013


No wonder they say the English language is the hardest language to learn. Why is there an "N" at the end of "Autumn" tho?
Anyway, enough of that, I'm showing some gear that is going to help us ease out of summer and into Autumn.
The "Tessa" by .:AVALE:.  comes in all sizes, and colors for your choosing. 
Also shown is the totes cute "Heavy Spikes" necklace by ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. (earrings available too)!
Ch - check 'em out!

shape: .:pink - insidious:. - "Grudge" shape [Marketplace]

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm Sassy

Okay, I am trying to catch up here ... unsuccessfully, but hey, that's my fault!
I'm showing off some recent releases from some of my fav creators so let's begin!
To start off with, a few more summer fashions before the cooler weather kicks in, we have the "Tennis" and the "Vintage" mesh dresses by 

Saturday, September 7, 2013


 I've been gone for like 3 months.
I went out of the country. Then LL wanted like 72.50$ before I could access my account.
So, I kind of disappeared without warning to anyone, and for that, I apologize.
I hope I can repay the debt by knocking out the stuff in my inventory by the designers who didn't eject me. 

To start off with, summer is winding down and fall approaches. But a few people are squeezing out some last minute summer fashions so we will begin with the "Romper Mini" by