Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Free Group Gift

This was from the previous round of Designer Circle.
I haven't been online and won't be for two weeks so I am going to send this as a free group gift for .:pink - insidious:. until I can sign back in and move it to the main store. 
Just add yourself to the group and look in past notices. It'll be available for two weeks.
I hope to return full time and with fierceness! 

Designer Circle #34

Shape:  .:pink - insidious:. "Vengeful" shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. 

 .:pink - insidious:. will be releasing a new set of fun poses and a brand new shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. which will be featuring several other designers starting Monday 08/06/2012, and will run until Saturday 08-17-2012!

 Stop in and see what neat creations are displayed!

Poses: PrincessMode Vengeful Poses for  .:: Designer Circle ::. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


 Good gravy, the grid is crazy full of events! One of the ones we're all looking forward to is the newest one by CHIC Management: Vintage Fair 2012!
One of the participants 


More Pink Ribbon Fair goodness comin' 'atcha.
I'm wearing my favorite color so the excitement is over flowing.

I have on the newest dress by


 And we have another round of Vanity Fair goodness from our friends at Tentacio.
This time I am showing the "Darcy" top with Tentacio's denim shorts. "Darcy" comes in 6 styles/textures and is mesh. Very interesting looking, I might add and can be found at the Vanity Fair 2012 so go check these babies out!

Tentacio's Secret

 Hello folks. The Vanity Fair is popping with goodies from many designers! One of the designers is Tentacio and they've released the "Vanity Lingerie" in many colors. I'm showing pink, blue and black, but fear not, I'm sure your favorite color is available. 
Make sure you stop in and check out the goods at the 

Nora in Business

 Hello shoppers.
I'm just doing my job to show some new gear that's been released to the grid.

I'm wearing "Nora" by