Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Fall for You

Yo, on my job hunt tho? Dude, so many scammers out there!

I feel bad for anyone on the job hunt grind. I been ducking and dodging scammers left and right.

Good thing I am aware when something smells fishy. 

The bank that I went to with a SCAMMING ASS CHECK congraduated me for not being the 80% of people who fall for check scams. 

Anyway, I'm too lazy to elaborate but warn your loved ones who are on the job hunt!

Until then, keep reading below to get today's look's details!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

Chrome Dome

Yeah yeah yeah, I have been gone like 3 weeks.

It's damn near impossible to blog when you work two jobs, job hunt 24/7, do class work and sleep.

But shout out to the sponsors who kept me and didn't let me sit in SUSPENSION in Blogotex for weeks.

Anyway, I have a job assessment and a test to do so I gotta scoot.

Read further for the deets, tho.