Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Doing some blogging instead of homework. I'm the worst student.
I'm also kind of annoyed because I'm usually a loner, that's how I've been all my life, and that is no different in SL. The minute I let someone in, they remind me why I never do. So a little distraction is nice. 

This distraction, brought to me by 

Monday, October 29, 2012


 I'm a fairy ... a fairy of DEATH! One bite of me, and you're no more! Oooh, maybe now the people who keep kicking me out of their forests for being scantily dressed will now fear me!
Or not.
But this sexy outfit is named after a poisonous plant which produces poisonous berries named Atropa Belladonna which causes death ... or if used properly, can be medicinal.
So here we have "Belladonna" by

Designer Circle #40

Shape:  .:pink - insidious:. "Ominous" shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. 

 .:pink - insidious:. will be releasing a new set of fun poses and a brand new shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. which will be featuring several other designers starting Sunday 10/27/2012, and will run until Saturday 11/11/2012!

 Stop in and see what neat creations are displayed!

Poses: PrincessMode "Ominous Poses" for  .:: Designer Circle ::. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012


 Get The Look:

[MC] Bevlin Skin and Bonus Shape [NEW]
.:pink - insidious:. - Devious shape [Marketplace]

(r)M ~ Hair No.20 [NEW]
..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Antique Cross Necklace [NEW]
Kapone Mesh Bag unisex [NEW]  
[EY:NO] Mess Bangles
*ShadZ* Hi Haters - Classic
:Hebenon Vial: Anonymous [NEW]

TCHIKY - baggy shorts [NEW]
TCHIKY - Female-Rolled-shirt [NEW]
[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves Fat Pack

Urban Gurl

 Yay, it's the weekend. Unfortunately I am sick, so I am fighting to ENJOY my weekend!
Well surely these new releases have helped! 

I'll start off with the new "Girly" leather jacket by

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Li'l Rosebud

 Oooh more sexy times :)
Nothing like dressing down when I get home from a long day at school or work!
Good thing I have on a cute two piece lingerie set in case ... someone photographs me! Can never be too prepared! Well, this was made possible by my "Li'l Rosebud" Bra & Panties set by 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Boobies Over - Load

 Wow, my first post wearing prim breasts! And SO much editing for these things. Colorizing, then smudging out the color differences. Yup, I only put that effort in to show you the cute new shirts by


Wooh hoo! I'm excited for the weekend, so I am in a good mood!
Got some cool stuff to show you all!
Hmm where to start!

I'll start with the new tops called "Tara" by 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Vamp Glamour

 I drink your blood! Hehe, yay, more dress-up and funness this Hallows Eve.

If you're needing some ideas on who or what to dress up like, you might want to start off by trying on the "Vamp" skin by

The Boobies Show Deux

 Hey good folks!
We have several events going on and some who have come back around a second time!

That being The Boobies Show 2 which has started! One of the participants is 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 Getting one post in before I go on a shopping spree, yay! My best friend is taking me out and so he must show me off for his co workers. I love shopping!
Well, I got some goods in the mail to show you all!

I'm in no shape or form into the BDSM scene or what have you, but I couldn't resist putting on the "Slicker Catsuit" by 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Eye of the Tiger

 I call this Eye of the Tiger because it's a jogging suit, and I'm reminded of the Rocky Balboa movies. 
Newest release, the "Outfit Vest and Jogging" by 


Hay chocolate lovers!
I had a lot of fun using my favorite colors to make this post.
My fav color is chocolate, LOL. 
Anyway, I poured this "Rogue" Suede dress in the color Chocolate all over myself and when it dried, a dress appeared. 
HAHA kidding.
But this is a new release by 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hey Hayley!

 School is in session!
Booo, I hate school.

But I do like the new "Hayley" sweaters with undershirt by 


 I feel like a female Silas (the bad guy from the DaVinci Code movie) because I am so pale with pale hair ... but I rawk! Well, I am wearing the newest face named "Tanya" by

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sex Witch

We're well into Halloween, and there is no slowing down with the costumes.
The funnest part is the way we get to look slutty and no one tells us anything! 
Well what you're seeing is "Madness" 

Dirty Ink

 Good day!
New releases and upcoming events!
I won't waste time with jibber-jabber.
I'll start with the hunt called Fake Baked Turkey Hunt @ The Jersey Shore. The hunt will begin Nov 1st and it will end Nov 31st, so mark those calendars. One of the participants 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Skeleton Crew

 We're gearing up for Halloween around these parts!
One designer who made it extra cute would be 

Wild Horses

 I'm a-going to the ranch to pick me out a horse! Breedables are still some how popular so maybe I might pick one out! Well, I can't go to a horse ranch without the right gear on!

That's where

Friday, October 19, 2012


I knew he was trouble when he walked in ...
wearing the new "Mesh Swaggy Bootcuts" and the "Tee/Termal" combination shirts, including the "Jacket Over Tee" jackets as well. Oooh wee, my boy Jorden looks like Trouble!
These are all new releases by

The Dock

 Hope everyone is well. I'm getting ready for the weekend!
 I had NOTHING but tests this week so I am glad I made a lot of posts in advance because I didn't have time to blog at ALL this week. School can kick rocks for 3 days :)
Enough of my chatting, I am going to now mention the new coolness I'm wearing, so check me out!

New release, the "Pea Coat Casual" in black (available in a few other colors) by

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Patriotic Hucci

Yes I know I'm a bit late for July 4th ... even though that's not what I was going for. It kind of just happened.
So let's start now!

I'm happy to show my last "Lanseria" by 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Snow Martiel is back and has released some new goodies at her main-store for us! Yay!

Check out the "Micky Mouse" earrings and ring by 

Katerina Petrova

Good - day all!
 I'm loving my look today so I decided to do a full post about the "Katherine" skin by [Mystic Canvass]
I have all the D-Cup skins worn and photographed below, but remember, there is also an A-Cup for those who prefer a smaller looking bust.
There are also eye-brow options, hair-bases and a free bonus shape!
 [MC] Katherine 2 Skin D-Cup Hot Pink
 [MC] Katherine 2 Skin D-Cup Lime
 [MC] Katherine 2 Skin D-Cup Smoke
 [MC] Katherine 2 Skin D-Cup Violet
 [MC] Katherine 2 Skin D-Cup Cyan

Make sure you stop in to the 
[Mystic Canvass] Skins,Cosmetics & More
to check out all of the beautiful skins!

Accessories: ..:: Bens Beauty ::..

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pink Lady

 Yeah ... I just had a lot of fun putting this outfit together. 
I pretty much spent my own Ls on everything so therefore I don't have to write a whole lot and all that jazz. But it was cute and if anyone wanted to know where I got anything, just hit me up!

I will mention the boots "Sting" by 


Hey hey hey, I love a new skin! And such a pretty face, this one!

Meet the newest skin release by 

Monday, October 15, 2012


New release from :::****TCHIKY****::::: called "Flat Ankle Boots"
They're mesh and come in the four colors shown above. Check them out at the :::****TCHIKY****::::: Mainstore.


Good evening everyone.
I'm in a clubbing mood so I decided to make sure I turn heads when I step out to Anaconda this evening and show out!
For starters, I'm wearing the chocolate skin named "Lakisha" by

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Designer Circle #39

Shape:  .:pink - insidious:. "Unruly" shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. 

 .:pink - insidious:. will be releasing a new set of fun poses and a brand new shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. which will be featuring several other designers starting Sunday 10/14/2012, and will run until Saturday 10/27/2012!

 Stop in and see what neat creations are displayed!

Poses: PrincessMode "Unruly Poses" for  .:: Designer Circle ::. 

Mystic Falls

Yes I am obsessed with Vampire Diaries, shush!!
Mystic Falls is the town that all the extra awesome stuff happens in TVD, BTW in case you weren't aware, hence the title of today's blog!

Well, the lovely Eboni Khan has been generous and kind in providing us with the "Lanseria" which was just released today!
There are several colors to choose from, and different sizes for your avatar shape!
They're fresh out of the box, go visit the

Dancing in the Rain

 Yay, a full avatar I can get down with! 
Rainy, dark and all by myself? Yes ma'am!

So again, full avatar! That means the skin, clothes and parasol worn all come together in the newest release of "Carny Smoke" by

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Funny Vector


Now that I am done nagging, I am showing some new releases and possibly some designers I will blog for the very last time. 

Let's begin with the mesh "boatneck" sweater by 

Across the Universe

These shoes were made for walking, and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these shoes are going to walk ... over the universe? Hey that's not how the song goes ... /me frowns.

Okay well until I can remember the lyrics, I'll just spend some time telling you about the new "Soul" pumps by 

Stomp the Yard

 Oooh laa laa. I love making fun pictures! This one was definitely fun! Then all  was thrown in a sexy blender and out came my little outfit. But I wouldn't have had the idea if I hadn't tried on the "stompers" by 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Your Majesty

 Mirror Mirror in my hand, tell me who's my biggest fan?

LOL, sorry I'm not much more creative than that :(
But I sure did have a lot of fun wearing "Majesty" by 

Taste the Rainbow

Hello lovelies :)
Just doing my duty as a blogger to show you the newest goodies on the grid!

Today I'm getting ready for the cool weather by wearing the new "Izzie" sweater by


Good evening good folks of the Second Life grid!
It's about that time where I do a new blog for some nice, new releases!

I'm happy to show the "Printed Shirts 04" by