Hi, welcome to my Sponsors page!

Before I begin, I want to thank the talented creators who have trusted me to photograph and advertise their products. The generosity and trust shown by creators when providing Bloggers like myself review copies and pre-releases speaks volumes. This is very fun for me and they all make it possible.
Being a busy-in-RL blogger, with around 150 - 200 average viewers a day, I strive to make these creations look as best as they can to promote the Sponsor's brand and get some buzz going.

Now for the less than fun stuff!

Some people wonder why I don't credit all items in a post.
Well, it's very simple to me. If I came out of my pocket monetarily to own it, I reserve the right to choose whether to provide an SLURL. I feel that the sponsored items deserve more focus and that is what I am here to provide. Please respect that!
However, if you contact me with a question about *anything* in my photo, I will be happy to provide the details you seek.
Additionally, I am also pretty honest and give a fair review. If an item is flawed, I will make it known whether through note-card or through my blog. If you have issues with this, you might reconsider approving my Blogger application.


Should you have an issue with any of the other sponsors below, please do not include myself (or your other Bloggers) in this as I do not partake in any beefs among or between designers.

Other than that, I thank all of you again and look forward to expanding my photographic abilities as well as the designer's pocketbooks and see how far we all together can go in this vast, virtual world, Second Life.

Lastly and just as importantly, Haus of Fashion has been around since 2012 and is one of the most trusted blogs in SL. To give every sponsor my absolute best, I have to be very selective in my blogging process. Please do not send unsolicited products. If I am interested in your sponsorship, I'll reach out to you directly. Please note that if you send products to me without my permission, this is not considered an agreement, and there is no expectation of blogging services.

Sponsor's List


Anonymous said...

You have an awesome site mamita, keep up with the great work.sir

Princess Usbourne said...

Thank you, babe.