Before I begin, if it's a sponsored skin or item, I will list it and a SLURL, as that is my job as a blogger.
If I came out of my pocket monetarily to own it, I reserve the right to provide an SLURL simply because *I* bought it, therefore I am at liberty to or not to disclose where it's from  if I so choose.
Please respect that!

Now, for the good stuff!
This page is exclusively created to thank the creators and designers across the SecondLife Grid for their hard work and efforts.
And mostly, their generosity and trust they show when providing Bloggers like myself review copies and pre-releases.
Being a busy-in-RL blogger, with around 150 - 200 average viewers a day, I strive to make these creations look as best they can to promote your brand, and get your name out there and get mine out there, as well.
But, I am also honest and give a fair review. If an item is flawed, I will make it known whether through note-card or through my blog. If you have issues with this, you should pass me by with reviews.

Also, should you have an issue with any of the other sponsors below, please also pass me by as I do not partake in any beefs among or between designers.

Other than that, I thank all of you again, and look forward to expanding my talents as well as the designers pocketbooks and see how far we all together can go in this vast world, Second Life.

Sponsor's List


Anonymous said...

You have an awesome site mamita, keep up with the great work.sir

PrincessAndrea Usbourne said...

Thank you, babe.