Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Murder Hornet

I think I need a new PC ... I have had this one for four years.
I can't believe it's been that long.
After installing an SSD, it ran better than it did when it came out of the box.
But, it's moving a little slower and blue screening every now and then.
It just sucks to have to spend so much money when I am trying to catch up on debts and things.
It's funny, my ex said, "you bought that laptop for Second Life!" ... oh how right he was.
He could see things that I never thought he could.
Miss him.
Anyway, take a look at the image and see if you like anything you see ... if you do, keep reading below to get the details :)

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Choco Thaco

So my ex boyfriend came by a few weeks ago and stayed the weekend (as friends).
He had to keep his phone off cause his ex that he just separated from was calling him from an unknown number even though he blocked her after a really destructive fight they'd had.
Anyway, so this bitch found me on FB and called me via FB messenger and said she wanted to talk to me. 
Um for what? So I blocked her ass cause I don't entertain hoes.
Then my ex text me that she damaged his car and been telling him that she is pregnant and harassment him ... Jesus, I thought I was bad about having a hard time letting go of the man I care of ... but this bitch takes the damn cake. 
Whew, I had to vent about that. Sorry I had to leave out some juicy deets but ... some of y'all some haters and I can't really put too much info for you guys to run with and use against me.
Okay so back to SL ... if you see anything you like, keep reading to get the details!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Pretty in Pink

I am feeling melancholy.
I have been dealing with a parent who I believe suffers from a mental illness but they don't believe they have one.
I won't elaborate much because it's disrespectful to put their issues on blast, especially to people who I know hate me and would love to use anything against me in any way.
But I'll say I had to block the parent for a little until things calm down.
So I am feeling very sad today.
Anyway, that has no relation to today's blog image.
I am just using one of my outlets to write some of my thoughts.
Well, enjoy the image and keep reading below for details.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Roots, Rock, Reggae

OMG, my ex boyfriend of like 6 years (who I introduced to SL and he cheated on me in world, asshole) got into it with his ex and tell me why that bitch called me on FB messanger.
I am sooooo sick of his girlfriends calling me and reaching out to me. 
I want no parts of their relationship drama, yet somehow I am always in it. 
I told him last night to check his hoe. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Blue's Clues

I have a final exam to do!
So this one is a quicky today.
Keep reading if you want details of todays Look of the Day.
K, later!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Street Time

Yay, I got two new sponsors that I have been eyeing like crazy the last couple years, a married couple, Lena and Sasha Spot. 
I have to say, I am very pleased with all of my sponsors for the first time.
All of them I value and I am not second guessing.
It makes blogging much more fun and worth-while.
Well I have some time to fit in another blog so I will make this short and knock another blog out :)
Keep reading to get the details of the items worn!

Monday, May 11, 2020

Just the Tip

Oh my freaking GOD.
I have friend that I care for but he is a DRAMA FUCKING QUEEN.
Like, I never met a man in my life that was so damn needy, who needed so much affirmation and validation, and get so defensive so easily.
I mean I can say ANYTHING, and he will skew my words to something else I clearly didn't say and I freaking had it!
I went TF off on his ass, but I gave him warning. 
I said, "I am trying to be nice, you have two options, stop with this shit, or leave."
And he chose to keep acting a goddamn fool, so I raised my voice and he got the eff out.
Now I can relax. I had company this weekend and to have company again the very next day, can I get some damn time to myself, Jesus.
Well, now that I am home alone again, I can go back to working and blogging.
Keep reading to get the details for today's look.

Saturday, May 9, 2020


Sitting on another conference call for work, rolling my eyes.
I hate speaking publicly, so I have high anxiety about my turn to speak on this call.
Then yesterday I found out that I have to start working my 2nd job from home too ... so my desk is about to be covered in work PCs and my personal PC ... 
I mean, it's all good, I shouldn't be getting a free check LIKE SOME OF MY EMPLOYEES but I admit, it's been nice getting a free check.
Okay, well this is my final blog for about two weeks so enjoy it!

Thursday, May 7, 2020

.Here Piggy Piggy.

OMG, I grabbed an item in Blogotex without looking at the cut off day.
One day. ONE DAY!
So I am rushing like hell to get this blog done and out so I can get credit for it without suspension.
It happens to be hella cute, but still, it was a rush job.
Well, one more blog to do after this one and I will be caught up for about 2 weeks, yay!
So get to reading and I'll get to blogging <3

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Legacy Perky is out and there is not nearly enough content for it!
The Original body's breasts are different so not all Perky clothing looks good on the Original.
So I want to give a huge thanks to the creators who make for Perky so I can wear by big, perky fake boobs all over the grid.
Take a look below to get an outfit for your own Perky boobies :)

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Fashion Nova

I had the worst install ever today.
Damn Facebook ads ... they advertised a service called PULS that installs TV mounts and such.
Anyway, the tech they send out was trash and scratched my brand new dresser that I have had only a week now.
He didn't speak to me when he walked in and he didn't speak to me when he left.
I mean he wads SHIT. I am leaving a review anywhere I see the PULS name online and on FB, someone is going to hear me!
Anyway if I don't stop ranting now, I will keep going on and on.
So that's enough for now, keep reading to get the details:

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Spring Flair

Still working from home and lovingggg it!
I just heard that we are required to wear a mask when we go out for 30 days. 
Sooooo I guess I need to dig out those masks.
Or just not leave ... but I do need to go to the store so I will have to find them ... I am out of forks.

... shit, I have a conference call, gotta go.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Easter Bunnies

There's talks of the US reopening.
I shouldn't feel so bummed out by this, I have been enjoying working from home and chilling.
All of that will be taken away when it reopens and it's back to the normal world.
Boooo. Well, I am gonna try to enjoy it as much as I can until real life resumes.
Anyway, enough complaining, keep reading for details.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

.Mono Krome.

I am excited that LL finally updated it to where we can change our names in Second Life now!
I have had the longest name ever, PrincessAndrea Usbourne and I hated typing it in note-cards, this blog, anything.
So I finally was able to drop the Andrea for a nominal fee, and voila, I am Princess Usbourne now.
Best money I have ever spent in world :)
Anyway, I am showing some monochrome colors today so if you see anything that appeal to you in today's image, be sure to keep reading below to get the details!

Monday, April 20, 2020

.Tik Tok.

As per usual, I am late to the game.
I just came across Tik Tok and it's sooo addicting! 
Yes, there are a lot of Meg The Stallion dances ... which is old AF but otherwise, I have come across a lot of talent.
One person is Taylor that Dancer ... OMG, she is totally wifey.
She has crazy curls like you see in this photo, so I dedicate this blog post to my future wife <3
Keep reading to get the details :-P


I am finally settled into my new apartment.
The move was brutal! So time consuming, so painful ... even with movers.
Because I was moving, I didn't have a chance to blog for a week so OF COURSE I am behind now but I hope to catch up this weekend.
So without further ado ... keep reading to get the details!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Yellow Brick Road

Trying to make those blogger quotas.

I am supposed to be packing to move, not this shit!
But, ya know, QUOTAS!
Anyway, gonna keep it short, keep reading to get the details.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


#StayHome ... which is the EXACT opposite of what I am doing!!
My credentials got all messed up for work so now I'm having to come into the office now.
Yayyyy, Covid exposure.
So since I can't work from home anymore until the IT department fixes this cluster jam ... no more freedom and happiness.
I was legit happy about quarantine. It's been snatched away from me because technology sucks ass.
Well, cheers to the rest of the world who get to have a mini vacay at home.
I envy you guys :(

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Great Gig in the Sky

I am supposed to be working but I took a short break to get a blog done since I had a 1 day deadline approaching. 
Sucks I am only caught up for the next 2 days *whines* so I am knocking one more out and I should be good for about 10 days or so, so y'all leave me alone and lemme enjoy my quarantine without all these blogging obligations!!!
Okay, enough pouting, on with the show!

Monday, April 6, 2020

The Thirst is Real

So I am feeling a wee better and so I have been knocking out some blogs.
It's Spring Break and I don't have to worry about work or school work, so I am focusing on blogs and I may get some PlayStation 4 in ... Detroit: Make Human ... PS4 exclusive ... maybe one of the best games I have ever played.
Well, I am gonna finish this up so I can start my next blog so I can play on my PS4!
Keep reading to get the details :)

He Loves Me, He Loves You Not

Been chilling during the quarantine.
Got some stupid homework to do ... online classes, yippie ...
And then a lot of work to do as an admin assistant who manages timekeeping for employees so I will be back to a blogger hiatus while I work on these things.
Damn, can't even catch a break during a global pandemic.
Anyway, I don't have much else but complaints so I am gunna hush now.
Keep reading to get the details.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Fourteen Days

It's been fourteen days since I did a blog.
It's been fourteen days since I logged in.
It's been fourteen days since I last went to work.
We have to spend fourteen days in quarantine.
So I figured naming this blog "Fourteen Days" was appropriate.
Since I didn't feel like blogging at all, I also don't feel like talking much so to keep it short ... keep reading to get your details. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Cream Dream

OMG Skin Fair! I can't wait to create some very cute looks with the Lelu - Lake heads and OMFG, Genus dropped like 4 heads ... I refuse to buy all of them but I will get at least a couple. 
By the time this blog is posted, I will have gone SL Bankrupt LOL.
But I will be cute! 
I will retire some old looks so this may be the last time you see the one of these faces!
Wave goodbyeeeeeee ... and keep reading to get the details <3

Friday, March 27, 2020


Okay I think this is the last of the latex/BDSM gear ... for now.
Now I can take a break from this stuff as it's not really my cup of tea.
I like regular clothes, it's funner to mix and match accessories and such ... maybe I'm just not that creative *Koonye Shrug*
Okay so back to the regularly scheduled program after you read the details below :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

.The Defiled.

I had some fun with this one.
I never do close ups like this really so ... it took the whole damn day even though it doesn't look like it.
I debated on naming it False Prophets but I forgot I used that name already.
I considered "Mistresses of Lies" ... lets just say I have a lot of material when it comes to the dark and unholy.
But, I chose The Defiled instead.
Anyway, I don't do lingerie or BDSM gear but hey, N-Core said I had to blog all their stuff, so here we go.
Keep reading to get the details :)

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Trans Parent

Still suffering with some back pain but it is finally beginning to ease up. 
I have missed 2 days of work ... gonna make it a round 3 just because I am still not fit to work like a slave in a Corona Virus filled atmosphere. 
So yes, one more day just to make sure I am ready to return ... oh wait, I have vacation until next Sunday ... haha, so no work for a week, yesssss.
I shit the bed with homework though. I haven't done it the last two weeks.
Its sucks. I was doing fairly okay for online classes. I just ruined it.
I vow to return to my former glory when Spring Break ends. 
I owe it to myself.
Okay thanks for reading the rantings of a lonely Princess.
Keep reading to get the details of today's gear!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

I've Got the Blues

So I woke up two days ago with a horrible pain in my kidney area.
I have been laying about, sleeping and miserable since then.
I have missed work but good thing I still get paid. 
But I know they'll frown on it.
I finally felt decent enough to do a blog but now it's time for more sleep.
So without further ado ... goodnight.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Nu Omicron Pi Epsilon

I named this blog after my antirority group, Nope - Nu Omicron Pi Epsilon.
I am rocking the official Nope Paddle sold by Co - Founder Meg Muni and our mascot is the sloth which is not the cutest animal, but the one I am wearing by MishMish is stupid cute <3
Well I have some homework to do so this one is gonna be short.
Keep reading to get the details :)

Saturday, March 14, 2020

.Sloth Fam.

OMG, a blast from the freaking past happened today!
Someone I was friendly with when I was around 19 or so called me today.
I was in such shock, I could tell her was nervous, because apparently I was a heinous bitch back when I was 19. 
He told me he had been in prison for the last 16 years.
My mind cannot comprehend 16 years locked away. 
He went in when he was 20 and is now 36. It's heart breaking, to be honest.
You do not get those years back. The world keeps spinning while you stand still.
It's a whole new world for him now. I promise to be a good friend and I hope he adapts to the world as it is now and I wish the best for him :)
Anyway, that has NO SL relevancy but meh, it's a blog and I write what I want :)
K, time for SL stuff, keep reading below to get the details!

Thursday, March 12, 2020


Today I had over time.
Then I went to the grocery store to get food to hold me over if the Corona Virus causes the US to shut down like my mother is predicting.
She says 1/4 people are gonna die but it won't be us ...
Anyway, so then I had a nap and then my friend called and told me I was pathetic for naming my blogs after someone who's no longer in my life.
I cried because my feelings were hurt. 
I know it's pathetic but I express myself thru my art and I am coping as best as I can and naming my blogs after things that remind me of him is my coping method.
So I guess I'll just be pathetic, then.
Anyway, apparently y'all read my ramblings, so I will shut up now so y'all can get what you came here for.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Call Me, Bobby

"Who the eff is Bobby?" 
He's the person I have repeatedly mentioned through the last ... four years of this blog?
The one that got away, the man of my dreams, etc.
In case he's ever stalking me, which he used to, and god I hope he still does, he gets to read my messages to him and responds.
Love you <3

K, keep reading to get the details of the pizza and wine you see above!

Sunday, March 8, 2020


It's been a rough week for me.
The man I love, to my very detriment, reached out to me and once again, crushed my heart in the palm of his beautiful hands.
So I have been very unhappy. I mean I'm always unhappy.
But it just stings a lot more right now than usual.
What point do you let someone go? It's been like ... 3 years. 
Almost exactly 3 years. Here I am, still pining for the one I lost because I was a dumb ass.
At least I have a good friend, an ex actually, who has been a great listener,
So I guess I am grateful for something.
Well, I'm ready to close my eyes so I'm gonna start listing items below.
So keep reading to get the details.

Friday, March 6, 2020

The Munchies

OMG, I kinda went nuts with the blogging applications.
Now they're getting approved and I am slowing down on the blogs ...
LOL my ass is about to be buried in a blogging hole.
So many damn good creators out there, though, and I love having them as sponsors.
I'm just gonna do what I can and thank goodness all my homework is current.
I am so glad I get to knock out all my classwork while at work so I can enjoy my weekends and free time doing what I like: Sleeping, eating, sleeping more and blogging when I feel motivated :)
Welp, this blog is featuring a brand new sponsor.
Take a guess who it is and keep reading below!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Harlot Globe Trotters

... it's the middle of the night and I gotta wake up at the crac ass of dawn for work ...
I don't know what made me think it was a good idea to do a blog this late ...
Plus I got side tracked by deleting all Maitreya items from my inventory.
Well I got about 1,000 items deleted and was like ... "wtf am I doing? I have to finish this blog and go to bed ... " so I will resume deleting all Maitreya items from my inventory later this week.
It will help reduce my inventory count which is getting outrageous. 
I'm at 54k and I don't like being over 50k ... I know 50k isn't as high as some others who have 100k ... my SL partner for instance, but still ...
Okay well, it's time for bed. 
I will hate you all in the morning :) 

Saturday, February 29, 2020

.Furry Things.

There's this gifting group on SLFB that is pretty awesome. 
You list your Wish List on Marketplace and friends and sometimes random, generous people send you gifts from your wish list!
It's so nice! 
I have been gifted and gifted others and it's just a special, nice thing in SL, for a change.
So I am featuring one of the items sent by the closest person to me in SL, and I will credit all who have sent me items each time they're worn while blogging :)
All right, on with the show!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

.Hands On.

OMG, I was off today ... I planned on doing like 3 blogs ... but I didn't do ANY.
I slept ... used Door Dash twice, watched a movie ... then finally did a blog LOL.
Team Lazy over here and no regrets. 
I do have quiz due tonite tho, so I will go ahead and get started on that.
I'll do that ... you read the details of the blog!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Money Grubbin'

Man, this one hair designer Fabrixsquare is releasing hair faster than I can do blogs.
I wear each hair that I buy twice ... so I get my money's worth ... and I guess I need to do more blogs so I can wear these bad ass hairs!
Oh an unrelated but exciting note ... I am finally moving out of the shitty apartment that I have been living in since 2017. 
It's where I was forced to move when my home got foreclosed on ... where the love of my life, Angel Bear, died.
Fuck this place. I am ready to make some happy memories.
Well, I have like 3 more blogs to do so I will hush now so I can work on my next one.
Keep reading to get the details.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Without Love I Won't Survive

Damn, why did it take like 8 hours to do this blog?
I mean I was at work so I was working ... but it took the whole day to do this blog and it's not even  my favorite image ...
Then SL went down briefly so I had to wait for stupid unscheduled maintenance to complete before I could log in and get the credits done.
So ... with all that said, I am annoyed and just want this blog to be over ...
... so keep reading to get the details.

Friday, February 21, 2020

Tell it to My Heart

My girls of the • NOPE • Nu Omicron Pi Epsilon || The Antirority got me out of the house / platform and I got to meet some folks in world for the first time and use the few dances I have that I said I would never get to use since I never go clubbing anymore.
It was great! 
I rocked the Nope Paddle and Member Tag and just enjoyed the music from the DJ Cali Huntress and socialized and ... neglected my test that is due soon!
So I think I better wrap this party up and do this test. 
All the answers are on anyway so it shouldn't take too long :)

Okay well keep reading to get the details for today's blog!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

.Flower Power.

I'm sneaking a blog in real quick at work. 
I finished everything so I had some free time and I am glad I brought my laptop!
Okay well, I am in a hurry, I don't want the boss lady to see.
Keep reading to get the details.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Unblock Me, Bobby

This cookie/lollipop thing was perfect ...
The love of my life has me blocked! But I know he stalks my stuff from time to time.
So I hope he sees my blog and unblocks me!
Wishful thinking, he will never unblock me unless it's to warn me he's serving me papers or some shit.
Anyway, this blog is for you, Bobby. UNBLOCK ME!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Keep reading to get the list of sponsored items:

Sunday, February 16, 2020

.Edible Arrangements.

Okay this is my last post until I do my homework for the rest of the week!
I like not falling behind so I gotta pause the blogging and press PLAY on the school work.
Since this is a rush job, I won't do too much yapping.
So keep reading to get the details!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Drama Queens

LOL so I have some acquaintences on SLFB that are turning into friends and they started an "antirority" after I said I wanted to join a sorority to make friends but was anti social.
So, now we have • NOPE • Nu Omicron Pi Epsilon || The Antirority founded by Megan Bear and WhoopsyDaisy. 
It started as joke but it's growing and it's just a group for gals who don't wanna do the sorority thing but still want to closeness and friendship between women.
I really hope it takes off!! And I hope to meet some more wonderful women.
SL has been so negative the last past year ... maybe things will start to come around :)
Alright, well let's get to the blog now, shall we?

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Baby You're a Firework

I am venting a little today.
I had some lame ass person today tell me I wasn't a black female, essentially white, because I don't believe that newscaster Allison said "Nakers" ... like seriously.
I genuinely believe it's a selfish act to try to turn a tragedy into something else ... like ... to try to victimize yourself or the race you identify with.
You're not the victim ... the people who died in the helicopter crash were the victims.
Just sit down, shut up and mourn and don't insult or disrespect these people's death by looking for offense where there wasn't any offense to be made.

Okay, now I've gotten that off of my chest, keep reading to get some blog details :)

Monday, February 10, 2020

Oops, We Did it Again

I met some funny and nice people in world today that are on my Facebook page. Gio and Circe.
Oh man I laughed a lot and learned a lot and it was just FUN for once, communicating with people inside SL.
It was reminiscent of what SL used to be about. Socializing and friendship and just chopping it up. 
Plus I got to meet our Fairy God Muva, Sydd Sinister, the legendary skin blogger.
It was just totally kick ass.
So now I am going to bed late since I was playing with them all night.
So, read to get the details!

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Drip N' Dazzle

I have been doing my homework earlier in the week so I can make time for blogging.
I dunno ... all the sudden I kinda enjoy it again ... blogging ... not homework ... in case you were confused.
I had fun putting together this look, so I hope you like it too.
Keep reading to get the details :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Magic & Moonlight

OMG, this may be my favorite blog post yet.
My dumb ass forgot to take note of the windlight that I used tho.
Anan Adored or something along those lines. 
I just hope I can find it again ... I want to use it ALL the time!
Anyway, I hope you see something you like here.
If you do, click below to keep reading!

Monday, February 3, 2020

.Casual Fridays.

Got part of my homework done, so I am celebrating by doing a quick blog :)
I also have ahead ache ... all day, in fact ... so I am not gonna ramble.
Just gonna get down to bidness.
Keep reading for details :)

Friday, January 31, 2020

Poo Poosh the Fatty

This blog is named after the silly nickname that the love of my life gave his dog.
In case anyone was confused about the name.
I am happy to say that the issue I was having the previous blog entry passed and things are much better.
I am relieved. 
Well I have some studying to do, so I need to bounce off this thing and get to work :)
Keep reading to get the details!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

You Are So Mine

Jesus, so I gained two sponsors that I was really excited about.
Then both decided to do "new blogger" apps and one disappeared out of my Blogotex out of no where.
So I put on my FB that I was sad about losing one of my sponsors mysteriously because they'd just disappeared outta no where from my sponsor's list.
So the very sponsor gets on my post all aggressive and stuff and I choose not to engage so that I don't escalate the issue and so she calls her friend over, also one of the sponsors who were kicking people to do new "blogger apps" and she starts essentially telling me I shouldn't be expressing my disappointment on my PERSONAL Facebook and that I should instead directly contact the sponsor who I was concerned about losing.
The thing is, I DID contact that sponsor and she deliberately chose to ignore my private message and instead replied to my message publicly on FB.
I was bullied.

Oh well, less work for me, I am inundated with school work and RL work as it is. 
Okay anyway, USING MY PERSONAL BLOG TO VENT, lets see if anyone else leaves aggressive ass remarks on here, too!
Alright, well I am showing goodies from CURRENT sponsors here, so keep reading to get details from NICE creators: