About Me

If that's your thing, allow me to send you on because I am here for fun!

I genuinely like what I do. Blogging is my SecondLife. Without it, I have no reason to log in. I love shopping, I love fashion, I love creating poses, and shapes, and everything to do with making my avatar beautiful. And I love showing it to the SL community. 
My goal *is* to improve in photoshop and learn texturing and one day building. 
My goal *isn't* to please someone who doesn't like my content.
Sorry to disappoint any of you out there.
I'm a nice girl, anyone who has dealt with me regarding SL, transactions, reviews, or even in-world when I run into a fellow blogger, knows I'm a pleasant person and friendly. 
But I *beg* you, should you have an issue with me as a blogger, or you just don't like me period, PLEASE, I implore you to IM me in-world at PrincessAndrea Usbourne so we can settle it AWAY from my blog. 
My blog is a happy place. 

Again, thank you readers for your support!
And mostly the content creators. 
I'd be twiddling my thumbs without youse guys!
- PrincessAndrea Usbourne -


I blog because I enjoy it.
It's satisfying.
Watching my photos improve is a pleasure.
I like typing a bit to describe what I blogged about to add some personality to my posts.

I'm a PERSON. 
Just like every one of you.

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