Thursday, July 30, 2020

Oral Fixation

I am back from Puerto Rico.
I had a nice time. The food was to die for.
There was a lot of beauty like the scenery in El Yunque Rain Forest and the beaches.
But there was a lot of unpretty things too like the buildings that never got rebuilt.
And the graffiti. My GOD, graffiti EVERYWHERE. 
It's like these people don't give a damn about their community.
No one is doing anything! Government wise, no clean up, nothing.
Litter all over the place! And don't get me started on the way that people drive.
I thought I was aggressive. I am just grateful I didn't have to drive.
Otherwise I would have an an accident (they don't even have real insurance there!) or get pulled from my car and beaten by some angry driver.
I don't mean to complain so much, I had a great time. 
Old San Juan, and the rain forest and the dining out. 
The hotel was nice, too.
I just ... can't see why anyone would live there is all.
Anyway, I will shut up before I offend someone, because I mean no offense. 
I just ... was very happy to be back home on the roads that are familiar to me.
Well, that's that for now.
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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Condado Beach

So by the time you read this blog, I will have walked the beaches of Condado, Puerto Rico, thus the name for the blog post.
I will have a bathing suit, but not nearly as sexy as the ones you see here, lol.
I am annoyed though, I gave my friend an N95 mask to wear on the plane and his dumb ass chose not to wear it. 
So we will be 6ft the entire trip, cause he got me effed up.
Anyway, gonna get back to work, that is what I should be doing, not blogging.
Here is the list of details below:

Monday, July 27, 2020

Purple Pills

I am literally sitting here at the Collision place ... when I took my car home yesterday, I could hear a whistling from the door that was repaired.
They've adjusted the door and tested it and they still hear the noise.
I am losing confidence that they'll be able to figure out where the whistling is coming from or how to repair it.
I figure if air can get in, then so can water. 
I already had a car once that leaked when it rained.
I am not dealing with that again ... especially on a brand new car.
Take it how you wish, but I hope the people who violated my car and my pocket books burn for eternity. 
Welp, now that I have wished the worst on someone else, let's get to the blogging part:

Friday, July 24, 2020

My Sempiternal

I got my car back today! I am very HAPPY!
I missed it so much that I had dreams about it.
They need to go back and fix the door, though, there is a whistling sound when I drive it on the freeway and that is kinda ghetto to me. 
Otherwise, I am happy.
So I will keep this short!
On to the blog!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Bee's Knees

I am still kinda meh. 
The highlight of today MIGHT be picking up my car.
My internet went down on a conference call so I am annoyed about that.
I am also listening to music and unfortunately, it makes me feel worse.
So yeah ... meh.
Let's get on with the blog post, then.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Dessert Bake Bar

I am feeling less ... weird.
Time is the ally and the enemy and after time, I always tend to feel things less intensely.
Well, the good news is I get my car back tomorrow.
I didn't get it last week as predicted because the collision place found an extra issue.
I can't wait to turn in this lame ass Chevy Camaro and get my baby back.
Well I am not really in the mood to talk much so here, let's get to biz.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

My Eternal Chase

So I reached out to a certain someone and I unexpectedly heard from them. 
I asked them if they wanted me to cease communication or if they wanted to keep socializing.
This person never really answered but continued to communicate with me so I assumed that was their way of indirectly telling me they wanted to keep communicating.
Then after about a week, I noticed the messages got shorter and less frequent. 
This is a repeated pattern from this person from the very beginning so I fell back.
Then yesterday, they told me they weren't interested in communicating with me anymore.
Why didn't they say that when I asked them a week ago if they wanted me to stop contacting them.
Why did it take a week for them to decide "oh never mind, I don't want shit to do with her."
This person will forever remain a mystery to me. I can't deny, that move they've pulled so many times still stung, though.
So ... here I am again ... wondering what I said/did wrong and just going to have to keep moving forward as I always am forced to when it comes to dealings with this individual. 
All right, now I got that off my chest, we can get to the blogging stuff.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Bathing Suit Season

I have been miserable, a hole in my chest!
I get my baby back today.
So I am keeping it short 'cause I have stuff to do today!!

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Friday, July 17, 2020

Manhattan Noir

Man, I swear I can't say anything on SLFB without it backfiring or blowing up or me ending up on SLSecrets.
People have it out for me because of how out spoken I am, and my words get taken way out of context and contorted.
I made a post recently about morphing skin ADs and the real deal in world and it blew up!
It blew up so bad that companies severed ties with the AD creator. 
I have a rock in my stomach. 
I never want to impact someone's business. 
I sent a N/C to the company that severed ties with the other company and apologized.
But things definitly did get blown out of proportion ... as they normally do with SLFB.
Anyway ... I gotta stop beating myself up for how things turned out. 
So yeah, keep reading to get the details for today's latest blog.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Pound Puppies

Lately, I have been watching this YouTube channel called Soft White Underbelly and it's this guy, Mark, who pays 40$ to gangsters, prostitutes, people with mental illnesses, rapists, drug addicts, homeless people, etc who walk the streets of Skid Row.
Man, I didn't know it was like that out there. Why would anyone want to live in LA with a place like that?
Sleeping in tents, fighting to stay alive, smoking crack to deal with selling your body.
It's depressing as hell but also makes me very grateful that my parents didn't shit the bed raising me and I know I'm well taken care of, loved, all that jazz.
Anyway, let's get on with the blogging!

Monday, July 13, 2020

All the Boys to the Yard

Covid just hit the area at work that a friend of mine who visits from time to time works at.
Sooooo, now I think I might have to roll solo man, cause how do I explain working from home and never going out and STILL catching Covid?
It's convenient that my friends work close to where I live ... but hella inconvenient if I catch the 'Rona.
Additionally, I just found out that I have to test for Covid and have proof before I can fly into Puerto Rico ... within 72 hours. 
That means I need to find a testing site with a rapid turn over rate for testing results.
Soooooo ... I am stressed TF out. 
I was driving, running errands yesterday and there was a LINE, 30 cars DEEP at a nearby testing sight.
Anyway, time to start listing items worn in the photo.
You'll find the details by clicking below.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Put That in Your Pipe ...

Man so Covid is messing up my Puerto Rican plans!!
I don't like the idea of United Airlines filling up the planes!
Additionally, with Covid running rampant again, what if everything in PR is closed?
I want to sight see! Eat, drink!
I've never been before, and it may or may not even happen now, thanks to this 2nd wave. 
And if it *does* happen, I won't get the full blast of it in Condado, which is like Miami Beach.
What piss poor timing :( So yeah, I'm no longer going to get excited about my travels.
Thanks a lot to all the maskless fucks who couldn't bear the idea of wearing a mask to protect themselves and others around them.
Anyway, I don't wanna dwell any longer at the moment so let's move onto the fashion part of the blog.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Cat and Mouse

Dude, all this sitting, doing blogs and working from home, I promise I am going to have some long term back issues.
Maybe I need a better chair? I don't know.
I just know my back muscles hurt and my ass goes numb.
Not complaining, I rather work on my ass than my feet while being abused by the flying public.
But, I'm looking forward to this shower I've got coming.

ANYHOO ... time to list these credits, so keep reading below to get 'em.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Hoe Chella

You ain't gonna believe this.
So, I have a very nice, new car. 
I've done pimped this thing TF out. 
Neons, illegal tint, bad ass subs in the trunk, neons for the interior floor, custom mats, dash cam, the works.
I recently moved into what I thought were luxury apartments.
I had my suspicions soon though after I saw hoodlums sagging their pants so low I could see the crack of their asses through their boxers.
Swarms of young men in groups which made me uneasy, noisy kids running, fights all hours of the night, repeat visits from the police.
Tell me why the fuck after 2.5 months here in this ghetto ass neighborhood, I hear my friend banging on my door at 10am to tell me my fucking car is sitting on goddamn bricks.
They also tried to break into my car by damaging the passenger door panel, weren't able to for whatever reason, so instead stole all my goddamn rims/tires.
I knew I lived among a bunch of low life, good for nothing hood rats, but I didn't expect I would be victimized by them.
Two days later and my throat is still hoarse from nonstop screaming from the violation I feel and feeling like a rat in a cage ... cause I signed a 15 month lease.
I am currently either trying to get a garage (150$ a month at reduced cost) to HIDE my car into, or they (property management) needs to sever my lease and let me get the hell out of this ghetto ass neighborhood. 
I expect the latter will be happening.

At present I am driving a nice 2020 Camero, and I am walking outside all hours of the night with my gun to make sure the "my baby didn't do nuffink" asshole thugs aren't dismantling my rental.
If they are, I'm looking forward to laying them out with my .45 ... which gun fire is a normal thing for them anyway.

So I will just write the updates as they occur.

Stay continued for my drama as it unfolds, here at Haus of Fashion!

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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Everything Will Rust

I ... actually don't have anything to rant or rave about ... so you're in luck.
We will get right onto the reason you're here ... the credits!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Red Red Wine

OMG, I am so excited!
In a month I am going to be visiting Puerto Rico for the first time.
My friend and I are going.
I always tell people I would travel more if someone would just come with me (and pay for their own shit, of course) but since I am single and anti social AF, I don't have a travel buddy.
But this time I do.
I secured a nice "bed and breakfast" or "boutique" style hotel. 
At first I was looking at a Hyatt, but I can stay at a Hyatt anywhere.
I wanted the "Puerto Rican" experience. 
I can't wait to sight see and eat all the food I can get my hands on.
One month!! Tick tock, muthaf*ccka!

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Meh Tropical

So I just got some good news!
We are supposed to be working from home 100% of the time still ... I guess because of the Covid 19 spike.
I'll keep watching what I eat, though, so I can return to the office WHENEVER, and not be a fat ass.
Anyway, I have a hunger headache so I am not in a very social mood, luck you.
So keep reading to get to the juicy stuff.