Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Some Kind of Casual Thing

I really need to grow a set of cajones and learn how to tell people no.

I'm in over my blogging head, and every time I see an out, I see the light, someone solicits me to blog their stuff.

I mean, I should take is a compliment and I do ... but  ... like ... people don't consider that if I wanted to blog their items, I would apply to do it?

If I wanted to blog for you, I would apply. So if I haven't applied ... that should tell you something!!

So ... I am gonna put on FB, SL and my blog not to solicit me anymore because this is just too much and I am way too nice to say no.

Anyway, enough complaining about people liking my work, right?

On with the details :) :

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Mocha Chocolata Ya Ya

I just got out of Facebook Jail on my SL account.

Well, wait ... since I log into all of my accounts with the same device, all of my Facebook accounts were disabled! 

It was horrible. There was so much drama I couldn't comment on and I had my own bit of an issue on Flickr with a complete psycho named Trica Hendes (on Flickr) ... she rejected my photo, stating it was a collage?

Does this idiot not know what a collage is?? So I tried to educate her on what a collage actually is and she caught an attitude, so of course I caught one back and left the group and ended up blocking her.

So she searched for me in SL and sent me an instant message being extremely psycho again ... like, stalk much?

So I had to block her from Second Life, too.

Like, calm down, sis. Learn how to handle when you're wrong and move on LOL.

Anyway, I'll post her harassing message in the end of this blog, so go ahead click, read the details and read her obsessed, miserable IM at the bottom.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Summer Blues

I'm proud to say I did two blogs today, yes sir, I did.

I'm even gonna prepare for tomorrow's blog. 

I have hopefully one or two more to do and then I can remake those Chioma BOM Eyebrows for LeL Evo since I've had some requests!

Well, I have a crap ton of work, so I'll get to it and let you click below to get the deets:

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

LGBTQ Ally 4 Life

We've reached the end of Pride Month and this month means a lot to me, since my bestfriend and love forever is a member of the community - along with many others. 
So I got to dabble in some colorful gear to show my support for the community and the month.
It's also a good month because it's my besties birthday so I wish you a happy birthday, Caniel! 
All right, click below to get the details of today's look!

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Summer Vibes


I have less than 24 hours to do my next blog, so I better get to work.
Oh, and I haven't started on my custom brows either, that someone asked me for.
Lord. I am such a procrastinator.
Okay, well I really need to get going so I can do other stuff.
You know what to do! 
(click below)

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Neko Power

I have a killer headache and I have to work on some custom eyebrows ...

So I'm gonna take a quick nap and get to work when I wake up ... if I have time ... I have to go to the stupid gym too, yuck.

So yeah, this one will be short today. Go ahead and keep reading to get the look of the day :)

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Cat Mama

So, I'm officially back from Puerto Rico.

I had a nice time, beautiful island AWAY from the tourist areas.

My room was in Old San Juan and was built in like, the 1600s and was antique and gorgeous!

I got to explore a whole lot of the island, the beaches and of course, the food *chef's kiss*

I've returned to work to discover I will only be back at work TWO days a week so that's excellent news to me.

I'll try to get whatever overtime and shift trades I can get on those days. 

So yeah, I don't really have any major complaints for a change.

I just need to catch up on these custom brows someone requested and blogging. 

Shouldn't be too hard, if I can just stop being lazy!

Anyway, here's today's blog. Read below to get the details!!

Monday, June 7, 2021

Lavender Summer

Golly, I am mad!

I used PicMonkey to round out the edges in pics, and add a drop shadow, easy peasy.

Then they changed the whole layout, tools and features in PicMonkey and got rid of the drop shadow, which sucks 'cause I used that for my Sales Vendors.

So I learned how to drop shadow half assed in PS.

Now, I just checked and they eliminated the ability to round colors inside of PicMonkey, too!

I have no idea how to do that in PS or any other programs I use (GIMP, Corel, Pixlr) ... so I guess all my photos will have hard angled edges now until I figure something out.

But I was QUICK to cancel that yearly subscription with PicMonkey. How y'all take ALL the features away that I use but still charge the same price? 

Nah, bye Felicia.

Well, I have to go pack for my trip to Puerto Ricooooooo, so I gotta scoot!

Take a look at the list below to see what I'm wearing today :) :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2021


I keep getting invites to blogging teams and accepting items dropped on me by people who aren't official sponsors ... all because I can't say no and I'm a people please *cries in blogger tears* ...

So I'm blogging some non official gear today ... at least when I go back to work full time, it'll be easier to say yes. 

At this point, I am blogging into NEXT month which will help a lot when I'm unable to meet my deadlines as easily next month.

Anyhoo, check out the items listed below to see what I'm wearing today: