Thursday, May 31, 2012

FaMESHed Deux

Hai! I have awoken from my nap. Now it's 9pm. My sleep schedule ... is ruined. This always happens during the summer!
Anyhoo, another round of FaMESHed is making it's way to the Second Life Grid and one of the featured designers is 

Hush - Melody

Shape: .:pink - insidious:.
Hair: [LeLutka]
Bikini: The Bishes Inc.

Replace You, Upgrade You

Okay, it's now 12:00pm, and I still haven't been to sleep. My mother calls this "crack head hours" LOL. I promise, I'm not a crack head, I just keep their same hours.

Let's get to bidness.

A clothing designer I wasn't familiar with named 


 Man, I am a woman at WORK. It's 9am, and I still haven't gone to bed yet. I have so many goodies to put out and just not enough time in the day!

Let's begin!
I can absolutely, genuinely say this is my favorite release from

Urban Boo Thangz

 "You're beautiful and I'm handsome, That'll be good for the babies.  I know we aint got no strings attached,  But this could be a perfect match!"

I usually think lyrics in a blog post are about the damn dumbest thing I've ever seen, but I'm allowed to do it ONCE. If I do it more than once, call me out on how whack I am. 
Anyway, this post was fun, I turned up the ruffian with my Boo Thang, Jorden Lyric. 
Me and Jorden's fine self are going to Urbanize you.
Let's get it on.
I'm showing off some new gear by some promising and upcoming creatorz. I'll start off with 


 Salaam everyone. That is a greeting in Arabic, per Flickr. 
I'm showing off some very frilly bottoms and an intricately woven (drawn) blouse with rich colors from 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ooh, hellfire and brimstone!
My little devil ears are so suitable! 
I'm a sexy little devil thanks to 


Newness over-load!
I am officially broke as heck! I spent everything today on these new goodies but I couldn't resist!
So let's begin.
Being the hair whore that I am, I immediately TPed to 


I just wanted to do something different than the same standing up against a white wall that I always do. So I'm sitting on my ass :-D
This post is just a nice, relaxed and casual post. I'm just showing off a mixture of coolness that has come my way.


Sponge Bob Square Pants! Ha! I don't care for the fellow and his nails-down-a-chalk-board laugh, but I totes dig these awesome shades by

Romp Around

Yay, goodies from my favorite store evar!
My favorite colors too, pewter!
One of THREE new releases from 


Okay THIS is my last one! Then bed! I just cannot sleep knowing I have stuff that needs blogging in my inventory!
Alas, my attention to detail this late in the night sucks major balls. I'll let you discover where I effed up majorly.
I promise to do better next time, I SWEAR! *sniffle*

Shape: .:pink - insidious:.
Hair: [elikatira]
Clothes: .:BTS:.
Nails: Synthetique

We Brings Tha PHunk

Trying to get one post in before I crash out. I don't want to fall too far behind. 
Another night where I tap quietly at my keyboard as to not wake my dude sleeping next to me. 
Kinda annoying. 
Since I can't type a lot, I'll get to the point.

You've all heard of PHunk Da PHashion by now. 
Well, a designer participating in that event is called 

So Very Wicked

 New shape from 
.:pink - insidious:. Wicked
out now!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Good day to you all.
My heart is shattered because of the death of a loved one so my posts might come in a bit slow for a little while, so I can hope that the designers have patience with me.

On a more fashionable note, I am doing more than just clothes. I'm doing Home Accessories!

A new fashion event group has hit the grid called =PHunk Da PHashion= (a name no one will forget) that will be bringing fashion events taking place amongst the shops on the .HollyWeird. Fashion District Sim, which is home to the .HollyWeird. main-store, 70+ shops!

So my advice is to take a trip to the HANDverk main-store and see the other unique, modern home accessories there, THEN go to the HollyWeird sim and check out the stores there.

Until next time.

Get the Look:

.:pink - insidious:. - Wicked shape [Available Soon]
Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (Crystal Sea) [NEW]
*Fishy Strawberry* Allure Makeup

>TRUTH< Tashia [NEW]
.::BeautyCode::. Silver Square Ring [NEW]

.:SS:. One-Sided Tube - Pink Net [NEW]
.HW. Gurly Bitch -Platforms- [NEW]

[Many thanks to the designers who worked hard and support the Bloggers]

Monday, May 28, 2012

Death at a Funeral

Kaixo! Thats a greeting in Basque! We will all be bilingual before we know it. Thanks to me.
I just got some bad news, a death in the family, so forgive me if I'm not my usual chipper self. 
I figured the black was appropriate. 

My post today is mainly to show off the lovely accessories from 

Flash Dance

Sat sri akaal everyone! That is a greeting in Punjabi.
Is anyone else but me wondering what the eff a Punjabi is? That's Flickr for you. LOL.

So I have more new greatness! The "Off Shoulder", Flash Dance kinda gear from

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bitch, I'm Famous

Haha, I know I'm uber goofy for these photos! But they were FUN! That's what's so great about blogging. Not the free stuff, it's the FUN and creativity! 
I feel like my purpose in SL, other than making beautiful faces for sale and poses, is to share my creativity with as many people as I can!

First I want to thank Mimi Juneau for handing out these paparazzi noobs earlier this year. I never dreamed they'd come in handy!

Well I'm walking the red carpet tonight in a show stopping, head turning "Anada" dress by 


Bonjour! Okay I admit it, I'm getting these salutations from Flickr. So what? I'm lame like that! 
So today we have a new hair release. SQUEAL!

So Beautiful, You'll Blush

The Skin Addictions Designers Showcase is RIGHT up my ally!
My love for skins is so bad, my boyfriend has to take my wallet when a new one comes out. It's an obsession.
Which is why I'm pleased to show off a brand whose corner I've been hiding in for a while called 


 Goodies galore today or WHAT! I've been a busy bee trying to keep up!
Let's get started!
Just in, the new Tanks by

Flirt Cosmetics

 New lipsticks from Flirt! 
There are six total but I am showing my four favorites!
Nina, the designer, created shades of pink and red for a natural look.
These appearance enhancing lip colors are available at the Flirt Main-store which is located: HERE

Shape: .:pink - insidious:.
Hair: >TRUTH<
Top: .:SS:.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hollywood Hills

Konnichiwa everyone! I'm excited about this most for many reasons! 

Lets start of with the new releases, shall we?
For starters, what an exciting time this is, and what a FULL SIM it was! That's because good ol' 

The 44 (Acres Homes)

Oooh, I am catching up, oh boy! I'm feeling a bit hood, a bit street. This outfit was a fun way to express that!

I have some FUN new stuff to show you readers! So let us begin!
 First, I'm showing the braided, pulled back and kind of messy hairdo from 


Boy oh boy, so many new releases JUST TODAY! I am rapid typing and rapidly clicking and already dressing for my next post as I type this! 

So one of my favorite hair designers has delivered to us her new hair called 

"Insidious" shape for .:: Designer Circle ::.

.:pink - insidious:. will be releasing a new shape for called "Insidious" .:: Designer Circle ::. which will be featuring several other designers starting Monday 05/28/2012, and will run until Saturday 05-09-2012!

 Stop in and see what neat creations are displayed!

Shape:  .:pink - insidious:. - Insidious for  .:: Designer Circle ::. 

Darkness Falls

 Oooh, I definitely went outside my box with this outfit by 


I am sorry for not blogging all day. I had company over. It's so hard to have a RL and blog as much as I would like. But enough of wishful thinking, lets get down to bidness. 
*Gasp* I know, I'm not wearing my Beauty Code!! Hehe, I thought I'd switch-a-roo on you all for a bit. But that skin is calling my name, so I'll be back in it's arms again soon.

So tonight I am showing one of many colors of the new 

Friday, May 25, 2012

PrincessMode - Jive Panties Poses for .:: Designer Circle ::.

.:pink - insidious:. will be releasing a new set of fun poses for .:: Designer Circle ::. which will be featuring several other designers starting Monday 05/28/2012, and will run until Saturday 05-09-2012!

 Stop in and see what neat creations are displayed!

Poses: PrincessMode - Jive Panties Poses for  .:: Designer Circle ::. 

Jive Turkey

Oh boy, panties dropped around my thighs are inspiring!
But they were! If I don't seeing underwear around people's legs in the near future, I'll be shocked.
Well, I'm showing another goody from

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Take Off My ShadZ &Tongue Kiss

I'm guilty of using this pose before. 
But it's the only one I've found that is just sexy, and dirty. Not looking for love here, people! 
My other half, Ryanne Anthony (R), agreed to get tonguey with me in my photo today and show off some new gear from a creator I'd never heard of named 

Pasties (Red Mint)

Good afternoon and what a grungy afternoon it is!
I'm just doing a quicky (hehe) for these cute pasties from

Colour Me Pink and Shut Up!

It is I, the Pink Princess. I've returned to touch you all with a bit of pink hue to add some vibrancy to your Second Lives! Yeah, that was the best I could come up with.
Anyhoo, I'm pink and grunge today, brought to you by

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anastacia II

I am making very slow progress with my blogging, but progress indeed. I want to do too many things in PS/PPP, but don't know how, and spend hours on the smallest thing, trying to learn how to do what I want to do. I have *such*  along way to go.
But other than me sucking balls on photo manipulations, I am showing off

..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Aurora

Newest release in the


I am so in love with this Beauty Code skin "Anastacia" and how sensual it makes my avatar look!
I'm seriously not taking it off for a few more posts. 
Beauty Code all in your face!

So, the lovely Gwen Carillon, who I've taken a liking to, has come out with her newest

Tuesday, May 22, 2012



I TPed into


Good morning. Its 9:00am where I am located and I have yet to sleep. Busy busy busy!
I just got signed on with Designer Circle so that's exciting. I haven't been apart of an event before, being a newer blogger/store owner and all. I just hope I can rise to the occasion.

Anyway, I am showing off one of the several outfits on rotation at 


The blogging gods didn't want me blogging today or something.
My Paint Shop Pro application stopped working so I uninstalled it. 
Then got an error when re-installing!
Since I am not good with Photoshop yet, I hyperventilated at the thought of not using Corel to help me with blogs and I did a FULL master reset on the WHOLE machine in desperation! THEN shitty Comcast had a service outage and all my services were down including the internet. 
On top of all that, my boyfriend had to go to sleep and my clack clack click click of keys and a mouse keep him awake so I had to lay there until he thankfully went to work! So blogging ONSLAUGHT time. 

Well, we have a Xyroom Event upon us again and 

Driving Miss Christine and Miss Daisy

Skin Addiction Showcase Event 


 Told you all I'd be doing a post for these Synthetique "Red Color Tactics" nails!
There are 15 colors in all, but I am showing my favorite six. 
I prefer long nails, but not insanely long. These are just perfect!

Comes with a HUD, make sure to hit the ON button, I always forget that.

Find them, plus the other collection