Monday, March 29, 2021

Black Gurl Magik

Sooo, I am learning that people are actually reading the words I write in my blog ... sooo, I am going to be more careful about what I write here. 

I've learned the hard way about divulging too much on social media platforms and yet, I still chose to disclose ideas and opinions here that I should have kept to myself, so ... lesson learned, for the 100th time.

One day, I'll figure it out ...

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Friday, March 26, 2021

Picture Perfect

I've been trying to clean up my reputation for about a year now.
I know I used to be an asshole. I was hurt and angry and I wanted everyone to feel my wrath.
I couldn't take it out on the person I wanted to, so the timeline suffered.
It left me with a lot of blocks and bans and entries into SL Secrets.
But I became drained from the drama and the hate I received in return so I decided to clean up my act and my reputation. 
Like I said, it's been about a year and things are going a lot better, but it looks like I still have a bad presence/rep with some people.
Well, if they want to cling to the old and angry version of me, eff 'em, I don't need them in my SLife and I certainly am not cleaning my image up for *them* so honestly, kick rocks to the people who like to live in the past and refuse to see the effort I've made to become a better person.

Anyway, for those who have recognized my efforts, I appreciate you immensely!

Well, enough ranting for me, keep reading below to get the details:

Monday, March 22, 2021

Crystal Vision

I'm blogging while I can.

When I return to work, I won't be able to blog nearly as often.

But the only good thing about returning to work is getting some structure back in my life.

Working from home ... I feel lost and out of control.

Anyway, check out the list of the lovely items I'm wearing below!!

Friday, March 19, 2021

Flower Girl

For the last couple years, I've really listened to nothing except hard rock, djent, metal ... anything angry and anti-christ because I guess I've been in pain.
My ex, I wanted to be so like him and he liked alternative and heavy metal and stuff and I was so influenced by him. 
So these past years, I've rejected anything that I felt he wouldn't approve of and anything that didn't describe my hurt and anger I carry everyday because of my relationship with him.
I just related more to angry music but I am going to try to expand my musical preferences back to their broadness again and not reject everything else.
I think it's one way I can heal from this, I mean, it's been 4 years already ...
So, I recently discovered Doja Cat and I like the sound of her music and her dynamic. 
She's hella slept on. I'm gonna listen to her discography this week and see what she's working with.
Well, while I do that, why don't *you* check out the gear I have on by clicking below:

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Cheetah Girls

I have to go mail some crap and get a package from the mailbox so I won't be able to spend time droning on and on - today's your lucky day, LOL.

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Monday, March 15, 2021

We're #1

 I was supposed to have the day off to do whatever I wanted and I logged in and discovered I had 13 hours to submit two effing blogs, so here's your blog.

I swear this is a chore now and I get zero pleasure from it anymore.

(this rant is NOT for the stores who are flexible or offer less stringent quotas and deadlines)

Thursday, March 11, 2021


Okay I ain't blogging SHIT else for a few days.

I wanna focus on making creations before I forget the stuff I've learned over the last few months of creating.

I've given enough time to my sponsors for now, time to give myself back my time and make it profitable. 

I swear, I'm leaving these 3 group-a-month groups, y'all are killing me. 

Then most people don't even add the name of the event that the object you're selling is at.

So not only did I spent 4 hours of my time photographing and marketing the item for free, now I gotta research the designer's Flickr to find out where the item is and then go get the SLURL.


So yeah, I'm off to bed and tomorrow I'm practicing creating stuff. 


Tuesday, March 9, 2021


So I've decided I'm going to leave the majority of the blog groups that require 3+ posts a month.

Those are the ones who are kicking my ass and usurping all of my time and other exposure for other brands.

I feel like it's a little selfish to require 3 or more posts a month from a blogger who has other commitments so that's who I'll be leaving. 

Well, I'm working so I'm gonna get back to that and work on my thousandth blog this week a little later ...

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sweets for My Sweety

One more blog and I can chill for a bit and relax or make some stuff. 

I haven't created in a month and I really don't wanna lose any of the knowledge I've gained so far.

So I'm gonna prepare for my last blog and end this dialog, sorry no juicy gossip for ya today :) 

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Classy & Sassy

Tell me why I uploaded a raw shot of Girl 2's outfit on FB and got 120 likes over night?

But the blog posts I spend HOURS editing gets like 30-40 likes on a good day on FB?

Should I stop working so hard and busting my ass to edit pics and just raw dog this blog?

Cause people seem to like the latter more?

What gives!!

Anyway, lets see how much love this edited photo gets.

In the mean time, go ahead and keep reading below to get the details ;-/