Friday, November 30, 2012

Glass Table Girl

Hi there. Still working on finals, blogs a bit as infrequent.
But I've got a couple things to show you all so I might as well knock it all out now!
I'll begin!
Firstly, there is a new event going on called WinterFair starting December 1-15th and one participant is

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just Sheer Boobage

 Hi, I know I was away for two days. I didn't have much to blog, plus finals are coming up!
So it may be this way for a couple more weeks. 
Well, there is another "Boobies Show" event in our midst, thanks to those newly released Lola Tangos (which I refuse to buy because I JUST bought the other crappy ones!) and to celebrate actual nice fake boobage in SL, many designers are participating in the newest round of Boobies Show!

One of our participants is

Sunday, November 25, 2012


 Hola! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! Thanksgiving, that is. Well, for the chilly weather, I figured it would be a good idea to wear something a little warm! So alas, I have on the "Newport" sweater/dress by

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Designer Circle #42


Poses: PrincessMode "Immoral" Poses for .:: Designer Circle ::.
.:pink - insidious:. has created a new set of fun poses .:: Designer Circle ::. which features several other designers. Event began Saturday 11/24/2012, and will run until Saturday 12/08/2012!

Stop in and see what neat creations are displayed!


Cold Outside

Hai guys and gals!
Newness for all of you!
I did a blog about this top, "Sophiste" with it's fluffy sleeves before (here) but now it's actually a full outfit by

Friday, November 23, 2012

Minty Friday!

Hay there everyone! So the world knows about Black Friday. Well, all of SL does, too! Many designers are advertising their great deals! Well, I have a deal for you! 70% off many skins at 

Iconic Singers

 There is a new Event on the grid called Singer Icon Fair starting in two days! What's your favorite singer icon? Apparently, "Cindy Lauper" and "Bjork" are 

Thursday, November 22, 2012


 Hi. I liked these sweaters so much that I decided to blog more colors than the first post (here) I did this week. You've been seeing a lot of 

Sneak Peek

 I can't read music but I sure do love it. It's a spiritual thing for me, really. Which is why I had NO problems wearing music around my body. In the sexiest way :)

New release by 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Phresh Off Da Runway

 Yeah I've been wearing a lot of red lately. I never do iRL so why not iSL?

Plus I'm loving these new mesh "Peep Toe" pumps by

Sassy Around the World

You'd think those Photoshop classes I'm paying to take would be teaching me something. Alas, no!
This pic took like 4 hours to make ... yeah ... I know. I am happy with it but 4 hours? Wowza! But the fun part was wearing these fabulous dresses and accessorizing the heck out of myself!!
The dress! Yes, there is an Event that started last week called "Around the World" and it's wonderful! Full of designers contributing to a specific theme or part of the world! One participant is 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Immoral Raina

 I'm thinking about skipping class today. I stayed up way too late doing blogging. SMH @ my priorities.

Well, the reason I stayed up late was because I was so loving these new mesh "Raina" turtle necks (just in time for the fall!) by 

Disco Stick

 Good evening shopping addicts. I am so thrilled I got to take my shape I've been hustling for a week and put my mesh face back on. I don't care if we look alike, I love it and I hate not wearing it. A new version/update has been released that fixed a lot of glitches (the feet issue, thank goodness!) so I am a happy camper. Someone in fact asked me if I was mesh Avi because I am MESHED OUT head to freaking toe!

Contributing to the meshness, is the "Disco Chick" by 

Monday, November 19, 2012


 Hay shopaholics!
There is a huge ⋰H⋰O⋰L⋰I⋰D⋰A⋰Y⋰ ⋰P⋰R⋰O⋰M⋰O⋰T⋰I⋰O⋰N⋰!⋰ for you all!
Check it out: From NOW til December 31st, the {alterego} VIP will open join - NO MEMBERSHIP FEE!
With this LIMITED FREE offer you have access to:

❈ Monthly Exclusive Group Gifts [men&women]
❈ Invitations to Special VIP Parties & Sales
   The whole store is shut down to VIP access only, non group members are
   NOT allowed in! {alterego} is discounted x% off for 24 hours, there are
   FREE Giveaways, Store Credit Giveaways, Dollarbies, LIVE DJs, parties & more!
❈ VIPs also treat themselves on up to 10% in store credit, while making purchases
    with their tags active! That means FREE SHOPPING! 
❈ Heads up on New Arrivals, Sales, Events & more via Group notices & group chat!
❈ VERY active & friendly group chat

This promotion is not run often, we like to keep our group exclusive, but it is the Holiday Season,
and we are feeling the spirit! 

Fellas are welcome to join as well, the Menswear room is growing, and has made it to the credit system!
Fellas can rack up on the FREE too! + they have group gifts now, the more the merrier!

After Dec. 31st {alterego} will go back to a group membership fee, but members who joined during this
promotion or prior to WILL NOT BE CHARGED

We welcome you all to Experience the Opposite Side of Your Personality @ alterego. 


 Cooler weather is a'comin' and we are preparing ourselves iRL and iSL. Well, the designers are helping us by releasing temperate appropriate gear! Like the "Alissa" dress for instance by 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


New mask/masquerade/Zorro/Sleep Mask ... (I'm really not sure) release from 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Designer Circle #41

Poses: PrincessMode "Catty" Poses for .:: Designer Circle ::.
 .:pink - insidious:. has releaded a new set of fun poses and a brand new shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. which features several other designers. Event began Saturday 11/10/2012, and will run until Saturday 11/24/2012!

 Stop in and see what neat creations are displayed!

Shape:  .:pink - insidious:. "Catty" shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. 

Friday, November 16, 2012


 I have lunch with my best friend so I will hurry and finish this up so I can get ready to see him, YAY! THEN TWILIGHT! YESSSSSS!!!! OK, so let's get the ball rolling!
New new new!!

I'm wearing the new "Phoenix" jeans by 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


 It's an accessory kinda day!
That's all I'm showing!

All though I had my DOF on, the earrings "Eylul" are from 

I'm an Animal

I should be doing some homework. Ugh, I wish I loved that as much as I did blogging.
I'd be the perfect student!
Anyhoo, I'm wearing some newness for you all so I'll go ahead and start.

1st, there is the November Edition of Bestyle magazine's Gypset Market, and one participant is 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arabian Swag

 I told you I'd be showing off more goodies by Swaggy and DeeR, didn't I?
I'm wearing mesh "Sarouel Arabian" pants by Swaggy (an extension of Kapone) which comes in all colors shown above. I blogged a similar style (here) if you missed it. You'll find these in all standard sizing at the !! SWAGGY !! Mesh Store (SLURL below).
Also shown are the mesh "long sleeve shirt" by DeeR. These graphic hoodies are HUD manipulated and come in 30 different choices on the HUD. HUD shown below!
 These hoodies are also available in standard mesh sizing. Find them at the 

Mesh feet by: -SKIFIJA


Hi people!!
I'm in sophisticated mood, thanks to this newly released "Rizzo" one piece suit. You can find this lovely, buttoned one piece in 5 colors by

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 Hai boyz n gurls. 
Knocking out some blogs before I hit up this test that I absolutely do not want to take! Welp, some new stuffs has come out to the grid in which I will show you now!

To start with, there is a new skin release by

Make Trails

Well well well, our friends at DeeR have been a bit quiet.
But they've released a couple new items, this mesh "loose fitting tank" being one of them.
There are a total of 30 different graphics you can choose from with the HUD that is included with all DeeR products and you'll find all 5 sizes needed to fit your avatar.  
Check out the mesh "loose fitting tank" at the 

Monday, November 12, 2012


Yes yes, I am still rocking the "Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar" what can I say, I heart it! If you haven't heard of it yet, please click (here).
Okay on to other goodies!

Mcmokta93 Wyler and his wife have expanded their business and have a new store called


There is a new release (which I have shown a bit, but not exclusively) for the Men's Dept. called "Adain" by 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Free Group Gift

 Make sure you stop by the store and add yourself to the .:pink - insidious:. group to grab "Ominous" poses for free. They're only free for 2 weeks and right now they're regular price on Marketplace so don't miss out!
Hit the .:pi:. logo below to get the SLURL!!

Chloe Mesh Hybrid

  There is a buzz all over the SL Community. If you listen closely, you'll hear the name "LOGO" and that is because they JUST changed the rules in SL!
Introducing the "Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar" by LOGO! I've already been a fan of LOGO's mesh hair. Now I'm forever stuck on them because of the most awesome thing I think has been released to date on the GRID.
The "Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar" comes in 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Designer Circle #41

Poses: PrincessMode "Catty" Poses for .:: Designer Circle ::.
 .:pink - insidious:. will be releasing a new set of fun poses and a brand new shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. which will be featuring several other designers starting Saturday  11/10/2012, and will run until Saturday 11/24/2012!

 Stop in and see what neat creations are displayed!

Shape:  .:pink - insidious:. "Catty" shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. 


New store under the Kapone group called Swaggy.
New "Ushy" mesh top available in many colors and prints.

Necklace/Ring: KOSH @ Men's Dept
Shape: .:pink - insidious:. @ Designer Circle
Pose: PMPI @ Designer Cricle

Thursday, November 8, 2012


 Bonjour all! (Thanks Flickr)
I'm showing a recent release called "Mista" by [Mystic Canvass] and it comes with the skin, different make ups, cleavage options, hair bases, a bonus shape, and the "Mista" dress which is mesh and standard sizing. I know right, all of this in one package? Visit the [Mystic Canvass] store to check out "Mista" by clicking the SLURL below!

Accessories by: 


 I'd be excited about this upcoming weekend if I wasn't going to spend it studying for a math test I will most likely do poorly on. I loathe math, LOATHE I tells you!
Okay so to ring in the new weekend, I am showing off some recently released ... releases ... so let's start!

First, the "Glittering Minidress" by

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clique Clique Boom!

 Okay so I might be starting to like (somewhat) Lola's breasts. I hated them at first. But ... they're manageable now. To celebrate my turn-around of opinion, I'm wearing a breast applier outfit from