Friday, February 15, 2013

Sin - Tracker

 Hi guys. I am a bit late with my post from for the on going events Stuff in Stock and SYS - Project but better late than never!

We have the "Sin" and "Tracker" skin from 

[Mystic Canvass]! You can find "Sin" (below) at the present round of SIS. "Tracker" is exclusive to SYS - Project. They both come with cleavage options and Tango appliers.

Also worn is the new mesh "Posture" collar by (red)Mint which is color controlled with a HUD and features:

[✔] Open Collar
        > the collar allows locking, and full use of all the Open Collar features.

[✔] Stiff Neck Posture (on/off)
        > x2 options ( neck/ neck+head ) 
        > to activate the Stiffened Head & Neck posture System, simply play the gesture included in the pack, or use the chat command (see attached notecard for more details)
[✔] Custom Animations / Pose
        > 22 Animations / Pose > by the Book of GOR
[✔] 13 Color Options ( texture change HuD )

and is honestly my new favorite collar in world. Thanks so much Moni for making a fantastic product!
And here are your SLURLs, so get to shoppin'!

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