Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bad Unicorn

 Hey readers. Thankfully I made a lot of blogs in advanced so I could keep them in queue and post them daily. Otherwise my blog would have been stale for a week. I haven't blogged in ... maybe ... a week and a half? I lost my reason to bother logging into SL so I just ... stopped. But it's not cool to leave creators hanging so I am going to do what I can because it's only right.

One creator who I've been unfair to and who I appreciate their patience is 

Bad Unicorn Clothing with the "Baggy Pants", "Body Warmer", "Plaid Shirt", and men's "Skinny Jeans" which are all mesh, all standard sizing and pretty casual when you're just chilling :-D 
Check them out on the Marketplace, too!

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