Monday, September 15, 2014

I Want To Apologize to My Previous and Current Sponsors

I just up and left. 
SL affects me in a poor way.
I love, I hurt, I get addicted, I put it before RL too often and it is sometimes unhealthy for me.
I am a student. I love blogging so much that my work gets pushed aside. I don't go to the gym and work out like I should.
To preserve my RL, I had to quit cold turkey.
I apologize to the sponsors who trusted me and gave me their items freely.
I deserved the be ejected.
To those who DIDN'T. My goodness. I am speechless. You have my undying loyalty.
I don't and cannot be a blogger anymore. But I do owe you at least a blog of the items I do have.
Bless all of you who gave me a chance.

Well, to start with, I am wearing the mesh "Delicate" tanks by imbue. which come in several more patterns than shown here.
Also shown are the "Cross 2" earrings by ..:: Bens Beauty ::.
I will have lots more to show here soon. Hang tight and thanks for viewing my blog.

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