Thursday, October 30, 2014

Damsel in Distress

 It's that time of year! 
Where people get to be someone who they aren't for a few hours. 
Or scare themselves or spook others. 
Anything goes on Halloween! 
For instance, a zombie attack!

To help make this positively fun and laughable,
 (as other avatars shoot and kill these monsters for me while blogging this), 
I'm wearing the "Bloody Ghostly Nightgown"at the Bloody Horror Fair by

{ d o l l l e* } which comes in all sizes and several colors, all nice and bloody!

Let your creative side out!
To add some realism, I'm wearing the tattoo layer "Clear Tears Tattoo" from [Mystic Canvass].
The pose is of the "Jive Panties"poses from Princess Mode @ Pink Insidious [marketplace]
Now go out there and enjoy your Halloween!

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