Sunday, November 9, 2014


 Hey all.
I am just having fun basically right now because nothing I'm really wearing is all that new.
Maybe it's a Look of the Day or something. 

Well, I will begin with the "Gentle Breeze" mesh jacket by

~Sassy!~ which comes with an undershirt option and is HUD controlled:

It was at the Style Icon Fair but should be at the Mainstore now (I hope).
Also shown but barely seen are the mesh "Cool Summer Shorts" from NS:: Cutie Store and are also HUD controlled: 

Lastly, I had to finally go and buy some damn feet because I haven't been able to blog anything that involves FEET and shoes. 
So now you see the "My Color" pumps from Leri Miles Designs,
which are also HUD manipulated to let you fully customize your look:

Okay guys, it's bed time for me!

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