Friday, May 6, 2016

Luik Mansion

Hey folks.
Been busy with school and my two jobs, lol I'm a busy bish.
So it's a race to catch up at this point.
So we will start with the "Beaded Cocktail Dress" which is/was at the Black Fashion Fair from

Kaithleen's for the Maitreya body only. The back is open and can be viewed here.

Also worn are the "Odette Platforms" heels by my lovely Phedora. for Cosmopolitan Fair
It comes with a HUD and is for most popular mesh feet: 
And lastly, my favorite skin designer, EGOZY has released the "Cindy K" for the LOGO mesh head which can be seen here.
She has released many more also, which I hope to get to soon.
I have an essay to do first for class, though LOL.
Okay that's it, folks!

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