Monday, June 27, 2016

Prepare for Glory

Hey folks, snuck a blog in while at work!
For the Epicene Event, a unisex event, we have the cool, fierce "Vampire Mask" for Catwa/TMP/Samurai/standard faces by original mesh designer 

Ignition Art. The HUD allows you to customize it:
Now for basically the rest of the blog: Phedora!
I'll start with the "Asteria" body suit, available in 21 colors for the popular mesh bodies at anyBODY.
The new "Tatiania" boots come with a new looking HUD:
This allows for complete customization. You'll see these also are fitted for popular mesh bodies.
The "Scarlet Underwear" also comes in 21 colors with a similar HUD that's pictured above and you can find it @ Kustom9.
The "Morticia" heels and harness are also by Phedora.
{LAKSHMI] was feeling generous with the "Black Ribbon Choker" which is HUD controlled AND a group gift!
All right, I think I got it all!
Thanks for checking out the post!

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