Friday, December 23, 2016

Front to Back

New and semi new items for display today, boys and girls. 
For SLINK, the Onepiece "Pheobe" dress by 

**Honey*Soul** and also comes in a fitted version with the colors below:

Also worn are the "Canvas Sneaker! Tiptoe " which will work for the popular mesh feet by ::ROC:: and they come in 25 colors and are of course, original mesh.
The other pair on display are the "Sweet Treats Canvas" sneakers from NS:: for mesh feet and also come in a handful of different shades to match your gear:
Also from NS::  are the "Mesh Skinny Jeans" with belt and they're fitted for your mesh body.
And lastly, from long time original mesh designer, *chronokit* has made the "Shirt 05" which are unisex and also "liquid mesh" which I believe means fitted. There are many colors to choose from.
Okay everyone, I do believe that is everything.
Thanks for reading!

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