Tuesday, June 19, 2018

5 Finger Discount

Hi folks.
You would NOT believe it! So I was at a Jamaican Beach sim (don't judge me, I wanted to be gawked at) and some nice guy IMed me and we chatted and he said he was new to SL and stuff.
He kept talking about he was short on Ls and needed help improving his avi. 
So I sympathized and I send like 100$L! 
Boom, my account is deactivated while being investigated.
Linden Labs wanted to know if I'd passed on scripts to this person or vice versa. 
Which, NO! I sent Ls! That's it! 
Anyway, so that kept me from logging in for a few days but it's all been resolved and I am back to the grid and happy to show off some kick ass gear so click below to get the details!

Here are some HUDs from the designers:

If you see an unlisted item that you want info about, just leave a comment or contact me inworld.
Thanks for reading!


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