Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Princess Workout Plan

Princess Workout Plan - Flickr

Thought it would be fun to take off the fancy clothes and slip into something sexy and fun to work out in. 
You know, when you see those beautiful women at the gym who look like their make up is perfect and they didn't break out in a single sweat.
Yep, that's me today!

Haha, so if you wanna turn heads at your next event or workout, follow my suggestions for Princess's Work Out Plan!

Here are some HUD examples:

If you are curious about an item that is not listed, contact me via comment, in world @ PrincessAndrea Usbourne or Flickr or SLFB :)

Remember to do what makes you happy, whether others understand it or not. 
If it makes you happy, that's what matters.

Thanks for reviewing my blog today :)

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