Friday, October 19, 2018

Green With Envy

Hai all! OMGGGG I am struggling so much to meet blog deadlines and requirements.
All the sudden I have gotten so busy. So busy. 
I cant wait for next week when I am off for the whole week, I am definitely  going to get some blogging in and catch up. 
My sponsors deserve better than what I have been giving. 
Thank you all for hanging in there with me. 
These two jobs and school and what little social life I have been kicking my ass!!
Okay enough pity party! Check out my goodies by clicking below!
Girl 1:
Girl 2:
Here are some HUD examples:

If you need any help with any unlisted items, please contact me inworld @ PrincessAndrea Usbourne or leave a comment.
Alternatively, you can reach me on SLFB and Flickr, also.

Thanks for checking out today's post!

Until next time!

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