Sunday, January 12, 2020

2020 Vision

I am a huge idiot.
It's 2020 and I am making one last ditch effort to reach out to the man I love and see if he and I can communicate again.
Without threat of hurting the other.
I have been thinking about him and I don't want to 2020 to be here without him in my life in some way.
Just praying he is still single because if not, I stand less a chance of winning him over than I do now, which is still 0.000000000001% as it is.
So after this blog, I will compose a letter for him.
So enough chatter, I have shit to do.
Keep reading for details.

Red Dress:

Gold Dress:

Here are some HUD examples:

If you see something you like that isn't in this list, it mean's it's not a sponsored item. 
However, don't be bummed out! 
I will be happy to give you the item info if you contact me via Flickr or SLFB Messenger or by leaving a comment on the blog.
Okay, here goes nothing. Wish me luck!

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