Friday, September 18, 2020

Cat Lady

Dang, this image is long AF. Just doing my duties to meet the duties I have as a blogger.
I am actually not in a great mood, so I am gonna leave this short.
So if you like anything you see, then keep reading below to get the details. 

Torn Pants Girl:

Wide Pants Girl:

If you see something you like that isn't in this list, it mean's it's not a sponsored item. 
I give 100% focus to Sponsors and only list sponsored items. 
However, do not be discouraged by this! I'll be happy to give you the item info if you contact me via Flickr or SLFB Messenger, contacting me in - world @ Princess Usbourne or by leaving a comment on the blog. 
PLEASE DO NOT NOTECARD ME! I have to log into SL to view those! 
Please use one of the methods I mentioned above if you want a quick reply.
Dueces for now.

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