Friday, July 23, 2021

Be Flamazing!

I wish I could get feed back as to whether anyone bothers reading my idle rambling on here or whether I should just shut the hell up and list credits?

Well, before I STFU, I wanna acknowledge that the day of creating this blog is the 4 year anniversary of Chester Bennington passing and I've listened to nothing but Linkin Park today.

I dedicate this blog and much more to the talented and amazing Chester <3 

Girl 1:

        • ~Gorgeous Dolls~ Queenin' (Square Pedi) & Mother of Nails (Dolletto) - Legacy Mesh Feet and Bento Hands
        • -MONCADA PARIS- Gigi Eyewear
        • .: Fiore :. Messy Day Bun
        • :::NOIR+MIDNA::: Flamazing Gacha - Can Cooler Be Flamazing
        • MICHAN - Kate Chains 
        • Mondial -Krissy Bodysuit
        • Mug - Jessie Jacket
        • PUNCH - Dermal Piercing - Diamond Heart & Starfire Septum
        • ROULY Footwear :: Broadway Heels
        • .:the HAUS:. Chioma II BOM Eyebrows (LeL Classic)
        • VOBE - Ainiya Rings
        • LeLUTKA Erin Head 2.5 

Girl 2:

If you see something you like that isn't in this list, it mean's it's not a sponsored item. 
I give 100% focus to Sponsors and only list sponsored items. 
However, do not be discouraged by this! 
I'll be happy to give you the item info if you contact me via Flickr or SLFB Messenger
You can also contact me in - world @ Princess Usbourne or by leaving a comment on the blog. 
I have to log into SL to view those!
K, on to to the next blog <3

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Carlos Melendez said...

I know you won’t take this seriously maybe because it’s me and I worship you but I really enjoy reading your thoughts here. Besides you shouldn’t stop, I know is probably one of of the few places were you are able to speak your mind, vent and be yourself. In my humble opinion you should keep using this outlet to continue expressing yourself.