Friday, January 14, 2022

Russian Roulette

So I should be returning to work on the 17th if HR gets their shit together.

I'm not looking forward to it AT ALL!

I also had an interview today that I thought I was prepared for.

I researched possible questions and wrote out scenarios ... and none of the questions were remotely similar and I was unable to really use any of my answers.

So who knows if I'll get it. It will negatively impact my ego if I don't but also I am fighting for my LIFE to get out of there, too so whether I get the promotion or not, I will still be leaving if an opportunity comes along. 

Well, enuff about my personal life. I'll point you to the haus icon below so you can get the details for today's lewk:

Girl 1:

Girl 2:

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Okay, one more and I can chillax. 
Thanks for checking out the blog!

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