Thursday, December 27, 2012


I just got bad new about someone I care about in a terrible accident. If you pray, if you don't, please do and just ask for good things to come my friend's way. What a terrible birthday present.

Well, my mood is black so what better color to wear.
On me in the new "Mystique" dress and corset by

Gwen Carillon Designs. You can wear the flexi skirt if you're on your way to a masquerade ball or maybe after you get home from the ball, slip out of the dress and wear the mesh corset with the cute panties and stockings. 
Also worn to add to this out fit is the "TALVI" by KOSH. This set comes with a bracelet and necklace for femme or homme. 
Lastly, the shape is from .:pink - insidious:. called "Cyncial" and is now available at the 44th round of .:: Designer Circle ::. at a reduced price!
Happy holidays!


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