Monday, January 21, 2013


 Okay this is the last blog for now, I have to go to the gym. Addicting ass blog, LOL.
Anyway, newness for all of you, so let's begin!

To start, I am wearing the new "Hayden" tops by 

[Crash Republic] which come in light, spring colors and standard sizing, as does most mesh.
Also worn are the "Nasty" jeans in light blue by Kapone. There are many different colors and prints available for your choosing.
To accessorize, ..:: Bens Beauty ::..  has created the "Asia" earrings which are texture change with a menu.
Lastly, I am wearing one of my favorite skins by Akeruka called "Giorgia" in a natural tone.

If you like what you see, hit the SLURLs below!

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