Thursday, January 10, 2013


Goodness, I had a nice long vacay. I seriously considered whether even coming back. Blogging is great but I neglect important thinks (LIKE CLASS WORK!) because I can't balance well. I will be reducing  sponsors list dramatically.
ANYWAY, here is my first blog of the year and yes, I'm behind and you've seen it all but IDGAF.

I'm wearing the new, LOVELY skin by 
AKERUKA called "Giorgia" in many lovely tones with lipstick and hairbase and cleavage options!
Also worn are new mesh sweaters called "Strapped" by .:SS:. Spearsong in a studded and woven version with many colors to pick from. 
Lastly, the "UggStyle Boot" by  which are rigged mesh and come in at least 10 colors and probably one of the favorites for Uggs this year!
Well, there you have it.
I have a lot more blogging to do!

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