Wednesday, June 5, 2013


 Slowly coming back and feeling that itch that comes with wanting to blog, and I am glad it's there!
I'm showing some goodies that are in my inventory and must be shown again to the world!

I'm staring with the new mesh SEXY "Dwindle" tops by

(red)Mint which come in lacy, sheer and opaque patterns for your preferences and is HUD controlled. There are regular mesh sizes and tango sizes. 
Damn impressive!

Also worn are the "HOTPANTS" and the mesh "BELTED SKIMPY" skirt by .SS. Spearsong
The "BELTED SKIMPY" skirt is HUD controlled with belt options and other choices. See below!

-SKIFIJA- also has released the unique "Deaconess" heels that have RGBs for your favorite skins to make tinting easier and come with optional mesh feet!
..:: Bens Beauty ::.. "Anabella" earring and ring and "Sercio" necklace (which comes with earrings) are shown as accessories. 
The shape is "Grudge" by .:pink - insidious:. available in-store and marketplace!
Happy shopping!

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