Friday, June 7, 2013

Still Tippin'

Good day readers!
I'm back with more cool creations on the grid so I'll start now.
Firstly, I want to talk about the 
NS:: Cutie Store which has released the "Zipped Rompers" which have optional breast appliers available, the "Xplosion" mini skirt and the "Vision" sneakers, which I was unhappy they weren't resizable. 
They were very small on my avatar.
All of these which come with HUDs to mix and match your look. 
Two HUDs are shown below for NS:: Cutie Store's worn creations:
Also shown are the new, bad ass "Higher Vulcan" sneakers by * .:: deeR ::. * which are also HUD manipulated with TONS of pre-made textures.
Earrings "Celine" and "Heart" are all by: ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. 
Shape "Grudge" by: .:pink - insidious:. @ Marketplace

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