Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What You Hiding Underneath

 I sure am feeling colorfully sexy today!
That's because of these vibrant, new releases!
I'll begin :) :)
To start with, I have the new "Unique Style Vest and Shirt Mesh" which you can wear with the shirt OR just the vest *wiggles eyebrow* 

This set is by 

NS:: Cutie Store and comes with a HUD to customize the shirt and the vest and even the pockets!

HUD shown below: 

Also from NS:: Cutie Store, the "Mustache Glasses" which are cute and have customization abilities with the HUD shown here: 
Also worn are the kick ass new winged "Anarchy" sneakers from * .:: deeR ::. * which are *also* HUD manipulated to customize to a very detailed point. 
View this HUD here:
The accessories worn on the Left are the "Nico" Necklace and Bracelets by KOSH and they come in a handful other textures for you to choose from.
You'll find this set at The Mens Dept during the month of October. 
The "Taste the Rainbow Gamer" clutch is made by [Crash Republic]
To the Right, the saucy "Las Vegas" by come in many different textures and sizes and were a free gift from the creator, Eboni Khan of Hucci.
To match, the "Native Kini" by my good friend of Gwen Carillon Designs, comes on on layers, with appliers for your breast implants.
The pose "Petty" by PrincessMode @ Pink Insidious comes with mesh cellphone and mirrored poses.
Shapes "Wrath" and "Grudge" are both by .:pink - insidious:. and can be found in the [Marketplace] and the mainstore.
The "Bensu" eyeliner for the Cosmetic Fair (15 - 30 Oct) and "Lucky" earrings are by ..:: Bens Beauty ::..
Also, the new hair release "Jasmine" from the new up and coming hair creator, [Castellian] comes in several colors and this creator shows potential!
Also, just off the print from ~Sassy!~! The "Blossom Vine" by comes in 3 tints and a black and white (shown) version and a colored version for the Body Modification Fair which started Oct 9th and will end Nov 3rd.
I LOVE it and won't be taking it off for a while!

And WHEW, that was a lot to write!

Getting off my ass to go work out now!

Happy shopping, readers!

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