Monday, February 23, 2015


Hi guys!
As always, I have new coolness to show you.
I'll start off with the newest original mesh release "Yoko" mini dress from 

[BREATHE] which is HUD controlled to change the color of the belt!
The dress comes in many colors and sizes.
I've very pleased to see this designer making other things and not only shoes.
Also from [BREATHE] are the "Sugar Heels" for SLink Medium feet. 
The sock/shoe base didn't work for me but the SLink base did.
Also shown is the new "Poppy" tank from {Indyra} ... I am only showing the tank right now, but the full outfit will be shown next post.
It's HUD controlled also.
Also with the "Poppy" outfit are the "Asri" earrings (included). 
I've been shopping {Indyra} since 2007 so I pleased to be apart of her blogging team!
I paired the "Poppy" tank with the new mesh "Missy" skirt from 
There are many different prints and the ass looks great!
NEW!!! From my beloved Glamisty, the best looking pair of shades I've seen yet!
"Sunglasses" comes HUD ready to match any outfit!
You can position them and resize them, too. 
I haven't blogged S H E Y in a while, so here are some new heels named "Adoria" stilettos for SLink High feet which are HUD controlled:
I'm wearing the newest ethnic skin from Egozy named "Hyolee" which comes with HUDs for your mesh bits and several tones!
By [Whatever] are the subtle let lovely "Love" necklace that comes in a few different metals at the With Love Fair and the "Wet" eyeliner at the ANYbody event.
Lastly, the newly released "Pesky" shape was used for this photo
 and is at the .:pink - insidious:. main-store or on [marketplace]
Okay, next blog!

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