Tuesday, February 10, 2015


/me traces the smooth, cool steel while locking eyes on the nearest 6ft, blue eyed, chiseled chin of *enter name here* and enjoys the explosive tingle from her lip as she takes them between her teeth and bites down, the heat reaching her toes in less than a second ...
Okay so my emoting days are far behind me LOL, but it was fun to be creative here in my blog with the new 3 piece "Showgirl" set for BURLESQUE by Flair For Events by 

This set comes with all standard sizes and a special set for SLink Physique (applause) so I didn't have to modify a damn thing.
Here are the colors available:
There are appliers for your panty hoisery too. 
The With Love Fair is going on too, so if you're looking for different colors, you'll find these elusively at there.
Also worn are the new original design "Melisa" heels from [Mundos] which come with SLink, Belleza, TMP, and Maitreya feet styles, so no worries, you're foot is there!
Here is the HUD:
A small yet very awesome accessory is the "Mystic Headpiece" from . O A S I S . for ROOM69.
It's resizable and comes in gold and silver with different color center pieces. 
Freaking love it!
Lastly, the "Pesky" shape from .:pink - insidious:. is shown [marketplace].

/me lazily drags her onyx pearls along her bosom before breaking eye contact with *insert name here* and pivots on her heel, taking one step in front of the other slowly and deliberately as she throws the curtain aside and without a backwards glance, slips through it, letting it fall behind her.

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