Saturday, November 14, 2015

Dude, Where's My Umbrella?

 What's going on readers?
After a week of working almost 50 hours, I finally crashed out to get rest to do some blogging!

I'm showing some new goodies for Dirty Turkey Hunt by 

[: B!ASTA :].

The "AS A FEATHER" version shown is for the hunt, but you will also find other colors for sale in the store.
~La Gazza Ladra~, an exclusive line of original mesh clothing by B!ASTA also has released the "Autumn Inspiration" knit mesh dress which like the majority of mesh goods, comes in standard sizing.
Paired with the outfits are the "Aidan" and "Bergamot" stilettos from Moi Deluxe of S H E Y.
Okay, more blogging to do all!
Have a great weekend!

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