Monday, November 16, 2015


I personally will never go back to genetic skins. Sorry.
Second Life evolves and I keep up with it, even if I do disappear for a year at a time!
I've just added a 3rd mesh head to my inventory (fuck my wallet) to match this lovely newest skin release by
Egozy to be worn with the "Annie" mesh head by Catwa.

I have loaded all the HUDs that you can use to personalize your avatar with:
This is the Face that has different color eyebrows or none. 
I am new to the Catwa head and couldn't figure how to wear these without the alpha from the eye lashes blocking the color of the eye shadow.
If anyone knows, drop me a line.  
 And then there are a lot of different lip choices.
The naturals are my favorite yet.
Bold colors to make a statement! 
The plumps make your lips even fuller!
Here I am showing some of the lipsticks and glosses.
I really like this skin and head combination and will be wearing it for a nice chunk of time.
Also worn are the "BB Eyes" collection also from Egozy. 
See you all on the EGOZY Marketplace!

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