Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gorgeous Doll, Acrylic Claws

Hey all, I am extra excited to show a new designer (for me anyway) that I discovered recently.
iRL I love long nails (hard to type, though!) and so it's great to bring it into SL.
I have tried some other brands that I liked but THESE, in my opinion are superior because the HUD allows you to wear them with ALL mesh hand positions. 
If I want to carry a bag, I can use the HUDs (shown below) to fit my bag holding hand pose. 
Thus, making all other mesh nails irrelevant for me at this point.
Okay, I'm sure you're ready to know who created this awesome nail system?
It's my beloved 
*~Gorgeous Dolls~* by Kea Amarula.
I am wearing "Dream With Me" Almond shaped Belleza nails, because it's the best mesh body on the grid, DUH.
As explained, they're HUD controlled with many options and best of all, the rings and nails fit your mesh hand positions!

These are some examples of the HUDs for the "Dream With Me" collection for Belleza.
If you're a lazy shopper like myself, check out the [marketplace] store :-D

Also worn are the "Doll" and "Spiked Nose Stud" by my favorite piercing store, PUNCH - Piercing Store,
which come HUD ready to tint you your desired color.

PrincessMode "Betray" Accessory Editiom pose was used in this photo [marketplace].
Okay folks, time to go upgrade your avatar!
See ya on the flip side!

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