Friday, March 11, 2016

Cindy, Oh Cindy

 Yay the skin far is here!! LOL, good luck getting in.
But until you do, take a look at this lovely face named "Cindy K" for the LOGO Alex mesh head.

Not only am I excited about a new skin from one of my favorite skin designers, 

EGOZY, but I am also glad to have a skin to replace the one I was wearing before on my LOGO face :-/
"Cindy K" comes with only 5 shades at present (though I am only showing 4) and an entire newly redesigned body:
 I am wearing the Tan color and also have a side by side of the former skin in Tan and the new one in Tan. 
LOL I am definitely waiting for the darker shades as my avi doesn't dabble in light tones. 
Nicole Button, the EGOZY creator says she will have them ready by the first quarter of the year and I am just a-waitin'.
Darker shades, for the freakin' win!
 Not only does this face come in 5 (10 colors after April), it also comes with different make ups:
 And comes with different brow colors and a no brow option:
I can't wait for the future releases for "Cindy K"
See you all at the Skin Fair!

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