Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Whats happening all?
After one crazy ass week of backlash from my previous post,
I am keeping it very light!!
I'll start with the "HipsterF" (top shown only) from 

Ducknipple for the Hipster Fair (I have no idea if the fair is still happening or not) and hopefully can also be found instore.
The weird this is that the top only comes ready for mesh bodies. 
So I wore different jeans instead of what came with the blouse.
However, a cool necklace and earrings are included in the set.
Also worn from this creator are the "Zwaai" heels, however under a different store name of 20.FIVE Mainstore for SLink feet only and ALSO from the same creator, the SLX Outfit Shop with the "Mouse" blouse only (also comes with a weighted top but not weighted jeans so I am wearing a different set than what's included)
Phedora. has updated their "Dublin" heels, which fit most popular mesh bodies and is HUD controlled: 
The mesh "Rabbit Hole" and "Sunder I" facial piercings are from PUNCH - Piercing Store and come in different metals for you to match and are modifiable. 
EGOZY's "Shenty" for Catwa mesh head is worn in this image.
And that wraps this baby on up!