Monday, April 18, 2016

Becky, Look at Her Butt

I love taking pics but writing all this ... lets say I do it at the last minute :-/

All right folks, I am rocking new gear! I'll start with "Caitleen" scalloped silk dress which isn't fitted but I hope the original mesh designer 
~ La Gazza Ladra starts cause the world wears mesh bodies now. 

You'll find this lovely piece at the The Collectors until April 15th (HURRY)!!
[B!] BASTA! Footwear (same creator as ~LGL) has released "BRETAGNE" heels for SLink & Maitreya feet in a handful of shades.
By up and coming original mesh creator, Kaithleen's, the "Leather Mini w Studs" comes fitted for most bodies (Freya, YESSS!) and can be picked up at The 100 Block Fair and comes in the colors you see here:
For the BODYFY event, PUNCH - Piercing Store is participating with the "Helix I" for both male and female and of course, comes with a HUD to color the metals.
Lastly, from my beloved EGOZY, the "Shenty" applier for Catwa is shown.
Stay alert, folks, darker tones are arriving :-)
OK folks, that's all for now!

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