Wednesday, April 6, 2016

No Signal

 Hi guys.
I have been a bit absent due to 1) not having shit to blog. 2) I was out of town.
Got some things while I was away so I am busting them out.

Firstly, the sexy (right up my alley), mesh two piece "Naughty Denim Skirt" by
Kaithleen's. You can wear the skirt, or the thong separately or together and it comes fitted for our little mesh tushies.

Also worn is the mesh "Monster Cap" by NS:: Cutie, which is HUD controlled to personalize:
For your omega applicable body, the "Secret Garden Princess Top Wardrobe" by **Dirty Princess**  comes in many colors and for all layers.
My accessories are by PUNCH - Piercing Store named "Darling Hips" which are HUD controlled and can be seen HERE.
Lastly, "Petty" by PrincessMode Poses was used for the photo [marketplace].

(skin: EGOZY - Shenty for Catwa)

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