Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Crystal Heart

 Hey guys, the The Crystal Heart Festival is up and running and one of the participants, 

LCKY has released "Genie" and the "Sugarmoon" which are awesome because the HUD allows you to modify individual sides and bangs of the hair:  
By pressing the I, II, or III.
In addition, new from the Punch Piercing Store, the "Tri Spike Septum" comes HUD controlled for your desired metal:
The mesh "Crochet Pullover" shirt by NS:: comes in the colors shown below and fitted for most popular mesh bodies: 
SLX Outfit Shop has released, not too recently, the "Alive" which is a full outfit, accessories included.
The top is only shown, but has a HUD to change the colors:
EGOZY's "Driana" and "Shenty" appliers for CATWA were used in this blog.
All right, time to go, everyone!
Stay beautiful!

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