Saturday, July 16, 2016

Deepest Shade of Blue

Hai guys!
Hooray for new releases, right?
For the Cosmopolitan Fair, the "Amy" dress which is fitted for Maitreya and SLink bodies is available by original mesh designer 

[LAKHSMI] and comes in color packs:
Also shown is the new "Beck" dress from Phedora. for most popular mesh bodies, available in 21 colors.
In addition, the "Meliantha" heels are gatcha and come in 21 colors and limitless combinations for most mesh feet:
From 20.FIVE Mesh, which is the designer of Duck Nipple, is selling the "Wisky" heels for SLink feet only with the colors shown below:
The cute "Bunny Ears" by PUNCH - Piercing Store and come HUD ready:
LOL, reminds me of Louise Belcher, my favorite toon from my favorite show, Bob's Burgers.
Well, that's it, readers!
Be well!

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