Thursday, February 2, 2017

I've Got The Blues

Just doing a post for fun, no events, some recent releases, some not so much.
I'll start with the mesh unisex "Scarf 02" which come in textured and plain options by the returning designer, 

*chronokit*. It comes in the colors shown here: 

Also worn are the "Short Jeans" by ::ROC:: for mesh bodies. I will admit, it doesn't fit the Belleza body well in the back, even after hiding bits of my exposed body parts. 
I didn't try with other bodies so make sure you demo first: 
I've accessorized with the "Clear Bubble Umbrella" which comes with various poses and the "High Top Tip Toe" sneaker and the "Mesh Kittty EarMuffs" (group gift) which are all by NS::!

My nails are by: *~Gorgeous Dolls~*
That concludes this post!

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