Monday, February 27, 2017

The Breakup

Ever since my baby went away, it's been the blackest day.
I'm sure this scene is familiar to anyone who's suffering with heart ache.

Well, head over to the The Arcade Gacha Event this month and 
pour money into the gatcha machines in hopes you'll get the style and color you want by

'The style shown is "Splashing" but there is also "Dancing", 
"Cleansing", "Crying", and "Silk Cap" which look like this: 

I have to say, I wasn't too pleased with the materials. 
It makes it difficult to use a hairbase.
I hope for a materials option in the future.
Here is your HUD:
So, I hope you get the style you want without draining your lindens and if you don't, just wear what you get and sit in the shower and mourn your loss.
Here's to better days.

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