Sunday, January 21, 2018


Hayyyyy gurrrrls!

Only one event for you today. 
Season's Story! Today I have the honor of blogging for one of the sponsors!

[[ Masoom ]] is one of the sponsors for this round of Season's Story and they've released the "Daisy" outfit which is two pieces, and you can change the pockets and sash with the HUD:
Previously released for Cosmopolitan, the "Debby" jumpsuit by * Vanilla Bae * is the Strip Me series which you can control or your partner can control and boy does he love taking it off for me!
It comes in the colors here:

Additionally, you can pair it with the "Debby" chains for your mesh body and reveal them as you strip out of your jumpsuit!
It comes in these gems and metals:
For your mesh feet, try on the "Fold Down Boots" by ::ROC:: which comes in the colors seen here:

Accessories worn are Mon Chéri's "Spring Finds" from a previous Arcade.
Yep, that about does it. Bed time!
Sweet dreams everyone!

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