Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Peace, Bitch

I told you peeps I was gonna slow down on blogging. 
I was neglecting loved ones and my little SLboo so I have been taking some time off to do other things. 
Also! I have downloaded Blender and Avastar and learning to create so there's that!
One day, I will be blogging my own shit. 
Until then, I am loyal to my sponsors who are loyal to me!
So, I will now stop running my mouth and list all these hot fashions you see in the photo!

Wow, that is a long list! That's what happens when you go so long without a blog post. 
I think I'll keep doing that. That way I have more items to show in a photo :)
Well, as always, if you seek info regarding an unlisted item, shoot me a message: PrincessAndrea Usbourne.

Until next time!

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