Friday, April 6, 2018

Pink's My Fav Color

Hi dear Second Life shopping addicts and fans of Haus of Fashion!
First I want to thank you for contacting me thru the blog comments or on SL for information on my blogs. 
That means you're reading my blog and that keeps me going!
Also, I have decided to slow down on blogging. 
I am ignoring friends in both worlds because I am constantly feeling the need to make posts. 
Maybe to make up for the 9 months I was away. Don't know. 
I just don't want to burn myself out or keep neglecting my SL and RL life.
Okay with that said, I am showing off some brand new original mesh goodies.
Click below for the deets!

I hope this takes care of your curiosities.
If there are more details you need, just contact me!

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